Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday, April 6

Blessed Good Friday day to you all! It's a beautiful day here. The cats had a party last night. Stuff was knocked down, dish drainer and contents all over the floor, blankets in a disarray, toys scattered everywhere--I do believe they had a major catnip load last night! As long as they had fun!

We had webcam visitors yesterday--the Speedy's! We have the privilege of their visits every so often. The cats love them. FiFi was especially enchanted with Eric. We are getting more reservations for Kitty Kastle. If you think you may be visiting FFRC and would like to reserve Kitty Kastle, let me know. It's first come, first serve. Angie worked on Kitty Kastle again yesterday--it's so pretty and calming.

The babies are all doing good. We have names for the 2 newest newbies. The black/white one is Dix (for Dixon) and the grey/white one is Roga (for Ticonderoga). Mostly importantly they have middle names! It's Dix Stinky and Roga Stinky. Our friend Sevren had given us the Stinky name from last Catathon name sponsorship. So...since I'm so late using her suggestion, we'll give them BOTH a Stinky middle name!

Hank's wound is looking good. It's healing nicely. We continue to work on Big Al's ear infection. He's such an awesome cat--so laid back. All the sunporch cats are doing good. They never miss a meal. Hank likes to follow people around on the farmyard (probably to get extra meals!).

Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, we will have the Kitty City cats in Cat's Cove. It's all scrubbed and stocked for them. Then after the move, Kitty City will be power washed. We will then tackle some major projects that are in need of being done for this wonderful building.

We had BOXES last night. The friendship and enjoyment we share of the cats and kitties here at FFRC is wonderful.
Mamie--sent 10 awesome baskets that are ideal for the Catathon--just perfect!
Julie C--Easter card for Magentta, stamps, kitty tunnel, catnip, feline greenies, pop tabs for Kellen, doggie treats, kitty treats, sardines, scratch pad, calculators, 3 tote bags, cat grass kits and delicious homemade Treasure Cookies and recipe
Anonymous Friend--4 packs of Royal Canin Baby canfood, a case of Friskies and a case of Fancy Feast kitty food
Aunty Catnip anonymous friend--3 yeowww catnip toys, containers of yeowww catnip, bonito flakes and Fancy Feast Tuna for Cutie and friends
Joyce R & hubby from OH--Easter card, blue blankie, Reese's PB eggs, treats for volunteers, pop tabs for Kellen, Einstein treats, kitty tretas, doggie treats and a bag of kitty toys
KellyR/littleonemine from CA--"Harry & David Fruit of the Month--2 super juicey, delicious pineapples
CA friend--2 envelopes of coupons
Judy L/judeanlee from OH--2 Easter cards and stickers
Terry K/sweetpea--Easter card for Putter
The Speedy friends--treats for the volunteers, Mr. Clean, paper towels, toilet paper and H.E. laundry soap

We heard from the family that adopted Karrdash--they love him and he loves them! What a great combo! We also have a possible hold on Maximillion. If you hear major chirping on the webcam, that may be Maximillion. He loves watching the birds and chirping non-stop. Hettie will be leaving later this month. We've had about a thousand people wanting little Hooops (ok, maybe not that many!), but we do not put holds on the little ones until their neuter/spay time is closer.

Please mark your calendars for April 9th. That is the first day of the second quarter of voting for The Animal Rescue Site. The only way we could win $$ on this round is to come in FIRST place. That winning would be $5,000. Please, tell your e-mail friends, your family & friends and just everyone! We can do this!

Raza is such a nice young adult cat. She loves laps!