Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday, April15

The birds are singing, the cats are playing, it feels like spring and life is great! Raza is on the window shelf watching the birds at the feeders. Cutie is on a cat furniture staring at the peacocks that are walking by. Zelda is sprawled out on my desk and Paddy Cake is sleeping in the pulled out desk drawer. Can't get much better than this!

If anyone had their name drawn for the Fiver Friday and have not received their picture of a resident cat, please let me know. There are still 2 names that were drawn that I did not have mailing addresses to. Please e-mail me!

We have several cats on hold. Hettie will go to her home yet this month. Queenie is also on hold. The family that adopted Peverley and Tweeney (from Colorado) would love to have Queenie join their family. Because of the distance and schedules, they will wait until the spring to drive to Ohio and get her. Yes, we are willing to hold Queenie for this length of time in exchange for a wonderful home for her! We have had many people come in and look at the baby kittens and want to put holds on them. But, we won't put holds on the babies until the first of May! Maximillion is also on hold and will be going to his new home yet in April.

We will not have BOXES on Monday evening, 4/16. This is the evening that Dr. Amanda will be coming and doing exams on many of our cats. I have quite a list of cats that need an updated physical. Lots of activity that night! We love having the vets come here to the Rescue Center!

Our first guest to use Kitty Kastle comes today! Nikkaross/Sherry will be arriving later today and staying till mid week. We always welcome Nikka. She does so many things for the rescue center, including her awesome pictures that she takes and shares with everyone. When Nikka leaves, we will then get the Kitty Kastle all ready for our next guest arrival which will be that following weekend!

We had BOXES last night! Wow--what a lot of boxes! It was so much fun. I continue to be amazed at the variety of items that are received. Thank you ever so much.
Aunty Catnip from IN--bonito flakes
Barb C/nightstar--very sweet story about Octavia and Putter, written by her daughter Brittany, 2 cans of salmon, and tuna cans
D'Lee--8 packettes of Vitagravy (a flavored skin/coat mix that has Vitamin E & Omega Fatty Acids in it. We will use this to add to their breakfast mix.)
TippynTraylor--a no smoking sign and a donation box to be used in Kitty Kastle
CathiB12--2 cases of Fancy Feast appetizers, 3 fancy feast can food
MadisonPepper--box FULL of Fancy Feast appetizers for the farm cat gang and Cat's Cove cats
Linda T--2 giant packs of paper towels & a 3 pack of Clorox Wipes & a big laundry detergent bottle
Judy M/JudyNJ--notecards for catathon (many boxes of notecards made with the resident cats on the front) & envelopes and a box for FFRC that has 12 notecards with the 9 residents cats on the front! These are just awesome!
Sandra E--3 cases of Fancy Feast
German Sigg--case of baby food
Acctconnect--3 cases of baby food
Dave, Bonnie & Michael--friskies gravy sensation case, kitty treats, special treats for Badu (to be delivered with a hug and kiss), cans of tuna, 13 beautiful, soft, colorful hand crochet blankets for the rescue center, a case of fancy feast and a quilt (for the catathon)
Cantoncat--2 cases of liquid KMR and 9 boxes of Kuerig K kups (we love to make coffee, tea, cider for the volunteers)
Linda S/mls9690--all for the catathon: mug & cat house holder, mug with coaster & tray, her entire collection of Calico Kittens (22 pieces), a calico kittens display shelf, and her entire collection of Hallmark Christmas Kitties (11 pieces), a 4 x 6 cat picture frame. This is a huge bonus to the catathon and so generous. She also sent for the cats: fancy feast canned food, baby food, gravy sensations and potty bags (were used for packing)
Janak--a postcard from Al-cat-traz for putter (she's on vacation!)
Colleen P from CA--coupons
Nancy L from WI--coupons
Mary B from CA--coupons
PeppiLaPew--a neat card (from Macallan and Raza) and a donation for medical needs.
Michelle/Kitty Luvz (visitor to FFRC from Akron)--PT, clorox wipes, volunteer treats, bubble gum, Friskies, tuna and pics of her 2 dogs and cats
Whitney/Whitsterx0 & her mom Beth (visitors from Cinncinati)--6 beautiful fleece blankies, cat toys, kitty treats, Fancy Feast, dog treats, and Meomix Toppers She also gave me a wonderful book called 101 Cataclysms and a donation for the Storage Room, in memory of Twinkle
Amy/JoboLove & mom Lemon (visitors on Saturday)--baby food, clorox wipes, cat treats and Friskies
Ladydoc/Irene B--3 cases of Fancy Feast, all different flavors
Cathy/cjreid14 and Kate/imk8t from CA--a donation to FFRC thru paypal
Ann G from OH--a donation to FFRC thru paypal
Marie F from KY--a donation to FFRC thru paypal
Wow--thanks to everyone for your support. It's just awesome and makes a huge difference to us!

Please continue to vote for us on The Animal Rescue site. Voting continues until June 15th.
Tree of Giving
This is our hand crafted Tree of Giving that is on the outside of FFRC. We love it! Anyone who donates $250, can have their name on this (printed on leaves). It's beautiful.