Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday, April 12

No construction went on yesterday as the cement is still in the drying phase. Today the door to Kitty Kastle will be done. Next week will see big changes for the Storage Room as the walls will be going up and the roof put on!

Please keep voting for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. We're still #1, but need to maintain that lead. Yesterday, we were 4.56, today we are 3.96. Second place yesterday was 1.87, today they are 1.86. These numbers will adjust a lot, especially the first week. I so much appreciate your votes! We can do this!

One of our vets, Dr. Darci will be here 5/12 for a very big day. In the morning, we will do spays/neuters for FFRC cats and kittens. Hopefully, we'll be able to get all done and up to date. The kittens should all weigh 2 lbs. by then. In the afternoon, we will have a Volunteer Wellness Clinic. This is for the volunteers to bring their cats or dogs in for an update on their vaccinations, worming, tests, physicals. This is a great opportunity for the volunteers.

Then, on a Monday (probably 4/16), Dr. Amanda will be coming to give necessary physicals to the FFRC cats. That will include the oldsters--Putter, Ada Jane, Magentta. She's the vet who did the work on Jaina and FiFi, so she will also recheck both of them. We'll also have her check County's leg to be sure the pin is in proper position. There's also a multitude of other cats that will get a physical. Thanks to both Dr. Amand and Dr. Darci for their help!

Please, as a reminder to all chatters on the kittycam. Everything that is put on the chat, can be seen here at the Rescue Center. That means, all comments can be read by volunteers, visitors, etc. It is important to be kind in the chat, so no feelings are hurt by our visitors. Thank you.

We had BOXES last night! Thank you for giving.
Aunty Catnip/anonymous--for the oldsters and friends: 3 cases of Whiskas packets
JatCat from CA--Anderson Peanut Butter filled Pretzels (for Steve) and a large jar of almonds Great snacks!
Bonnie, Dave & Michael (they help sponsor Badu)--case of Whiskas packets
Sonjamac--in loving memory of Gandolf--a case of fancy feast appetizers and a case of Friskie Gravy Sensation packets
Michylyn--a card and a Hoops and YoYo Fun Post-it notes!

We received an e-mail from the family that adopted Turing and Diffie, now known as Mac and Tosh. Today is their 1st birthday! They love them very much and have given them both a wonderful home. Their pictures show a very happy Mac and Tosh!

Our new cat, Sugar Plum, is all sugary with people, but she's not so sure about the other cats. Hopefully, she'll adjust as time as goes by! She really is a nice cat. Queenie keeps wanting to make friends with her. The 12 kittens are all doing great. So active and energetic. They love to play in the mesh tunnel. The 5 Purr kittens have round tummies. Purrgeron was on his back and couldn't roll over, due to that big tummy!

Badu is still enjoying the warm laundry in the mornings--her favorite thing is to snug on top of the giant pile! Ada Jane loves to sleep in the wicker basket while Buttons has discovered that boxes are fun. It's so nice to see our older cats being comfortable and happy. Preakness acts like she would love to play with Pansy Mae, but one look from Pansy Mae and Preakness is off. It's interesting to see and watch the communication that goes on between cats.

Kitty City Inside 7
This is 8 of the 17 Cat's Cove cats. This picture was taken while still in Kitty City.