Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weds., April 18

WOW!! We won! FFRC won $1,000 for having the most votes for the first week at The Animal Rescue Site. This is in direct bearing of YOUR votes! Thanks to ALL of you for your votes--wow! I wasn't aware that we may be elgible for this, so what a fantastic surprise. This will help us a lot. So appreciative! If we can maintain this lead until June 15th, we can win the $5,000. We can do it!! Please keep voting at:
Check this out (go to the 3rd picture):

We are also asking for votes at GiveLitter™ Helps Cat Lovers Donate Free Litter to Shelters Across the Country. 16 Rescue Organizations will
Receive One Pound of Litter for Each Vote! This voting goes till June 30th.

Sugar Plum was spayed yesterday. She is recovering just fine and will be out and about soon. I know she's ready to come out and play! We've started Farrah on her slightly reduced PB seizure meds today. Will keep a sharp eye on her, watchful that her seizures stay at bay. The reason for doing this is she's a tad bit clumsy with the dose we've been using. We're trying to find the right combo of dosage for her.
I've been in touch with our vet regarding Emaline. She's researching things about Emaline and will give me a treatment course asap for her sore on her head.

Nikka will be leaving today. She was our first guest in Kitty Kastle. Our next guest will be arriving this weekend. We are so happy to share the Kitty Kastle with our visitors! Nikka said she will get all her updated pics up soon for you all to see. She will share the link with you.

Wanted to let you know that Derby was adopted last week. I wanted to make sure this was going to work out for the family and Derby before announcing it. He left on 4/11 and is doing great. Happy news for him and his family.

We had BOXES last night! Love this--so much fun and we have so much appreciation to give to you for your support.
anonymous friend--a case of Fancy Feast Medley for Cutie
Lois L--6 Yeowww catnip bananas for Cat's Cove cats--they're going to LOVE them. They will be given them today!
JAL--pill pockets for Farrah
D'Lee--3 boxes of Friskies Gravy Sensation packets
Aunty Fi--a very soft/cute stuffed Snoopy friend
Aunty Catnip--Fancy Fest tuna for Cutie
Jillr27--a case of Fancy Feast appetizers, a case of Fancy Feast kitten food, and 3 cases of adult Fancy Feast
LaRae--a very nice card and a beautiful framed cat picture for the catathon--a wonderful addition for this event!
Eclectickatz from NY--coupons for FFRC and volunteers
Wisconsinlistner--a purple paw print pin for me and a cool volunteer ribbon jewelry that will be for a volunteer (we will have a name drawing for the lucky winner)!
Pat L from Kansas--coupons for FFRC and volunteers
Mike G/sophieandlucysdad from MI--card and coupons for FFRC and volunteers
Jo91150--BBQ sauce for Steve and 2 wonderful, delicious nut/popcorn trays for the volunteers
Karen B--Chief receipts and coupons
Nikkaross--a beautiful card and a donation for the storage room
Harley B from Canada--a donation thru PayPal (Cutie and Bella were delivered a kiss for you!)

I have some news to share. I have to go to the Ann Arbor hospital on Friday for surgery. I will be home Saturday. Unfortunately, I have an abdominal soft tissue disorder that causes problems. This surgery procedure will fix me up! I will probably not be out and about too much for that first week, but everything is covered here at the Rescue Center. If the cam goes down Friday or Saturday, the MODERATORS know who to call. I do have a couple of favors to ask. I probably won't be answering e-mails for the first week, so maybe any "extra type e-mails", hold them off until later. If there is anything of urgency, that would be fine to send via e-mail. Secondly, if you don't mind and it's possible, if you are sending a BOX, maybe could hold those off for a week also. If any boxes arrive next week, that's fine; we will just hold them in the office for later in the week. I COULD ask a volunteer to open them for you all, but I'm being selfish! I LOVE to open them myself!! So, we'll get back to BOX time asap. All is fine here and I'll be back on track in no time at all. No worries!
It's the Purr litter! Purrdue, Purrkins, Purrgeron, Purrby and Purrdita--all kitties of Purresa.