Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday, April5

The contractors were here yesterday morning. The last of their wall work was done in Kitty Kastle. In the afternoon, Angie and Bill were here and got the primer on followed by the first coat of paint for the new bathroom, last night. We also scrubbed the floor and got all the construction dust up. The beds are made, some of the furniture is in, and it looks so beautiful. The wicker room still is not done, but it's all coming together nicely. We are hoping to get a lot of use out of Kitty Kastle. Any of our visitors that would like to stay overnight in Kitty Kastle are welcome. We are starting to take reservations. There is no cost, but if a donation would like to be given, that is fine. The visitors can also take a few cats from the Rescue Center to spend the night with them, if they would like to! We are also providing a small refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot!

Be sure to read the facebook today! Canton's story today is on Simone, a wonderful Cat's Cove/Kitty City cat. You'll enjoy it! The Big Move was made yesterday. Purresa and Purrkits are now in June's Room. The 3 YoYo kits are in Dodger's Pen. The Wee3 & Fab4 are now in the bigger Cat's Corner Room. All seem to be happy with their new arrangements. Won't be long before YoYo, Hoops & Jax will join the 7 in Cat's Corner Room.

We also took in 2 new kitties yesterday. So very sweet and loverbugs. One is grey and white and the other is black and white. Their ears are 2 colored also! Both are males and about 6 weeks old. They will be named soon. They're having so much fun running and playing in their big pen.

Angel Kisses has again expanded her area. She now spends a lot of time in the big area, by the dog room side. She's playing, climbing and eating good. She's still very shy, but does enjoy being petted. Her leg is becoming stronger.

Emaline is on high treatment again. Her sore above her eye has become worse. After talking to our vet, we have increased her anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. She was sedated yesterday to do a good cleaning of this sore. What a sweetie she is. This does not seem to bother her in the least, which I'm glad of.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night. What an extra fun night of box openings--lots of variety again. It always amazes me at the wide assortment of gifts that are sent!

From the German Easter Bunny--an Easter donation thru PayPal
Anonymous--a warrant for Octavia's arrest from the Hamilton County Municipal Court (I think we better start making her sardine cakes with a file in it!), many cans of tuna, sardines, salmon and chicken (a cat's paradise), kitty treats, toys, treats for the volunteers, paper plates.
Annamarie7--1000 bags for scooping (yeah--no holes!) and 2 adjustable long handled pooper scoopers (we'll put one of these long scoopers in Cat's Cove--will help alot in those big litterpools)
Anonymous--treats for Ada Jane, Asha, Magentta and friends and Whiska packets
Connie S from MN--letter, chirping bird toys, fresh catnip (Farrah loves it), coupons, treats for the volunteers, Iams kitty food, 3 cases of Friskies, 4 really neat pillowcases and homemade caramels. Her cat is Willow.
Tanya/Dutchy504--2 cases of Friskies, a case of Friskies Gravy Sensations pouches
Kathy & Alan C & their cats Seamus, Angus, Scrumpy Jack--a large container of bonito flakes Also a pic of her 3 kitties. Your hugs were delivered!
Faye W from NY--card, paper plates, windex, 3 Dawn dish soap, sponges, post its, Q-tips
Leggygal from CA--pics of her cats Taft & Spike, card for volunteers, a BD card, 11 beautiful fleece cat throws for the Catathon
anonymous--a whole case of paper towels
Janak/Janet A--a most beautiful Kitty Kastle wooden guest book (made of Rimu wood), made in New Zealand. This is just awesome and is a real treasure.
Mudjie/Mary B--card, 2 wonderful cat blankies, wind chimes, many rolls of various printed duct tape and various other types of tape, lilac soap bar, apple cider mix, stickers, sardines, volunteer treats, doggie treats, cat "butt" magnets, baby kitty wipes, dog toys, Einie treat, catnip, cans of chicken, salmon and tuna, stuffed toys and a safety collar
Connie S (Tookie's mama)--a donut bed and a beautiful crochet afghan for the Catathon
Diane M--volunteer--cat shaped cookies
MM_cat/Maria from Poland--an Easter card
Michlynn--a very nice Thank You card (we enjoyed your visit!)
Bill B from PA--card and donation for Putter's meds
Linda M from GA--an Easter card and a donation in memory of Twinkle
Beverly G--A Happy Easter gift from the Swiss Colony--3 boxes of very yummy Easter treats

Rory and Flare are doing good in Kitty City. No squabbles. Flare does indeed want OUT though. He may need to become a Sunporch cat, as it's very difficult to keep him from escaping out the door. I believe his mind is made up! One day very soon, we will be moving all the Kitty City cats to Cat's Cove. Maybe today, or tomorrow. They love their Spring/Summer/Fall home--so much room and views of the farmyard!

Buttons--our sweet brown tiger cat. She would love a new home!