Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday, April 25

Penn and Teller are at the vet's office right now for their neutering. They will also get their physicals. We have both on antibiotics, especially Penn due to his bite wounds that he received on his night out before he was found. They are both ever so sweet. Each day they look a little better. We wipe their faces, clean their eyes, brush their fur, give their meds, feed them good food, clean their boo boos, swab out the nasty ear mites and give them kisses! Won't be long until they're with the rest of the gang.

WisconsinListner2011 had sent a beautiful pin to represent Animal Abuse Awareness. It was to be given to a volunteer, thru the luck of their name being drawn out of a hat. And the winner is........our Saturday evening volunteer, Becky!

The construction is well under way! I LOVE progress! Our regular 2 guys and another group of 4 converged on the place yesterday morning by 7:30 am. By late afternoon, some of the wiring was done, the framework up, the outside wood boards up, the new roof on and insulation placed in the walls. Today, 2 guys came. more wiring done, the plaster boards put up, with the fiber boards then put on. More yet this afternoon will be done!

The guys also put the metal awning above the sidewalk from Kitty Kastle to the Rescue Center. This will keep people dry on their walk up from the farm yard, kitty city or Kitty Kastle to the Rescue Center during rainy or snowy weather. This is a super-strong structure and will hold up to any kind of weather. Instead of waiting to do this later, since they had the man-power yesterday, they decided to get it done way early!

I would like to thank everyone for the cards of good well wishes that I have been receiving. I so appreciate this. So fun to open and it's nice to feel appreciated. A big thanks to you all.

Pat, our Thursday night volunteer, completed an art project she has been working on. It's a counted cross-stitching wall art with 8 stances of The Story of the Rainbow Bridge. It's just awesome and I thank Pat for this beautiful art.

We have had a few boxes delivered this week. I will probably do a few boxes on Monday night at 6:30. I'll do this several times next week, but will give you all a heads up on it!

A big thank you to Becky M, of Defiance who made a donation thru PayPal, to help with the care of Penn and Teller. Becky is the person who saw Teller being dumped and went back to rescue him.

We are still in first place for The Animal Rescue Site--so very exciting! Please keep voting. It continues till 6/15. Thank you!
Storage Room
The outside entrance to the new Storage Room! It's just wonderful and we can't hardly wait to have this completed so we can become more organized! This door will help us unload from the driveway into the Storage Room.