Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday, June 1

Happy June Day! Wow--this is the super busy month. The Catathon is June 24. The delivery of 11,000 pounds of litter is coming today. June 9th is our surgery day here at FFRC. June 16th is our practice session for the Catathon and our next Catathon meeting is June 6th.

This blog is going to be a short one as today is a super busy day. We are preparing for the litter arrival!

We had BOXES last night and I have lots of thanks to give.
Colleen P from CA--2 sleeves of Hefty plates
Roberta from Finaly, OH (visited here yesterday with 2 friends Karen & Sheri)--Christmas Ferris wheel, 3 shirt pillows, OSU patches, kitty towel/hand towel, kitty purse, scrap book items, cross stitch kits, bunch of gift bags, snowman glitter lamp, pottery wicker baskets, spice mug mats, cat sitter CD, ccat jewelry, salt/pepper shakers, kitty socks, pewter cat frame--and lots and lots more for the Catathon or Kitty Kastle or volunteers!
Renee/jakesmeowmy from Halifax: for the Catathon: a summer basket of fun for kids! Lots of fun items--play-doh, sand bucket, swimmies, goggles, humbo pens, flash cards, color book, stickers, Scaredy cat CD/Book, treats, green ball--will be a fun time! Thank you too for the very nice card.
CathiB12--2 sleeves of Hefty plates
Di, tippyntraylor & Ashley--items for a Florida basket for the Catathon: shell wind chimes, flip flop candles, numerous flamingos, flamingo bird house, candles, nemo figurine, cool cat garden flag, flamingo plates. For FFRC: baby food jars, rice cereal, volunteer treats
Leenie from AK-a Cat Dreams picture for Jacci signed by the artist. This is absolutely beautiful and I will treasure it forever.
Marsha M--a visitor who brought a hummingbird feeder and food, and a Topsy Turvy hangout planter for hummingbirds
Lynn P from WV--wrapped canvas painting by brother Mark, called "Enjoying the View". This is for the Catathon. The picture has a beautiful landscape with 2 cats.

A super big thanks too to Deb11111 who has made it possible for the rescue center to have an iPad--such exciting news. With this, I will be able to stream from anywhere here in the rescue center! What fun we can have with this!

All kittens and cats are doing real well. Health wise we're sitting really good, of which I am so very thankful.

We are working hard on the Catathon now, as of this week. Many many details to take care of! Please remember, when you start seeing pictures of baskets and other items. ALL items that have been sent WILL be involved with the Catathon, whether it's for a basket, the auction table or the sale table. You have made it possible for us to have a huge array of items--this will be such an awesome event! Pictures coming soon, along with descriptions.

T-shirts are here, but.....hold the orders yet! I am in the process of getting the volunteers their shirts first, then the door will open for all our other friends! We will have an order form in the website (similar to the cookbook form). Payment ($18 in USA, $20 outside USA) can be made by PayPal, check or money order! Colors are Lake (blue/grey), apple green and raspberry. Sizes are small, medium, large, XL, XXL and XXL.
Farrah, with her most beloved toy--the spring coils! She takes them and meows with them in her mouth, while carrying them all over the rescue center. She especially loves to play with them inside the grooming tub!