Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday, June 16

Busy weekend. It's now torpedo speed ahead for the Catathon! Hard to believe it's this Sunday already! The door is open now for people who want to do the NAME THAT CAT and to SPONSOR/GET A PAWOGRAPHED PICTURE of a resident/covie/porchie cat. Check out the website for information. We are doing this so that the phones don't get so "plugged up" during the catathon. By doing this early, it will help those that are calling in to bid on the Big Ticket Items and/or the Baskets.

You can also check out Canton's website at
In this website, she has listed the names of the cats that are being sponsored and their sponsorees. Each person who sponsors a cat, will receive a pawographed picture and a sponsorship paper.

Today the phone company comes again to putin the last 3 phone lines. We will also be verifying the arrival of the big tents and porta-pots for Friday. We already have plans to decorate the porta-pots! We like to have fun!

The remaining cookbooks will be in the mail today. If you had pre-ordered, give it a few days and all should have them. We are still waiting for the second shipment of shirts. They should arrive any day. We will also get those in the mail as soon as we can. I had no idea we would run out of shirts the very first hours of ordering--a good problem to have!

The cats are doing good. The kittens have developed springs on their feet. Incredible energy levels. Mariska is out and about more now and is doing great. Still have a slight a mount of soreness meds. Frogger had a bit of a set back with tummy troubles, but is doing better today.

I would like to pass some thank yous on.
Jennifer M from TX--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Anonymous Friend--donation to help cover Mariska's medical needs
Theresa H from PA--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Renee C/jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Shirley H/swanway from TN--a donation to help with Judy's cat Alphie & Meggie
Chiel74 from Netherlands--a donation thru FFRC for Mariska's medical needs

I have some very sad news to pass on. Our Ginny has passed away this morning. This was an unexpected thing. Ginny was found outside about 2 months ago and brought here. All has been well with her until the last few days, but nothing really stood out, other than her appetite was decreased and her activity level diminished. We have held her, loved on her and she has purred. I checked her on Saturday and did not notice anything amiss, other than her general appearance wasn't as good as before. She has had a vet physical since being here also. But this morning, all was not right. She was completely jaundiced, including her upper/lower pallet. This morning she also started vomiting. She obviously was in the last stages of kidney failure. Urine was also burnt orange color. You may ask why and how could this have happened. I have no answers for you. These are the very things that make rescue work so depleting and hard. It use to be when I dealt with death, I had to deal with it myself and of course, the volunteers. Now, we have a whole world of people to tell. And that is so hard. Not everything has a happy ending here, but it goes with the rescue territory. So, we mourn her loss, then we get right back on track and continue our mission. Ginny was held during her passing and she purred the entire way.