Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weds., June 13

We took in another new kitten yesterday. Believe it or not, it's another polydactyl. He's a little fella, gold tiger/white, with front extra toes. He's only about 6 weeks old, still has semi-blue eyes, but playing and eating real well. He was found in a cinder block, all covered in cob webs. His name is Weber.

We also have a NEW resident cat. A resident cat means they are permanently placed here for the remainder of their lives. We already have Paddy Cake, Paddy Purr, Asha, Magentta, Ada Jane, Putter, Cutie, Bella. The newest resident is EMALINE. After another flare up of her medical issues, it is realized that she is never going to be free of these continual breakouts. We watch and work on her daily. It's a rare time frame (maybe a week) that she is symptom free. If she were to be adopted, I know we would all have continued worry about her issues and if she's being properly treated. So, we are devoted to caring for her for always. We never make this decision lightly, as our real goal is to place these cats in their own permanent homes. However, some cases are such that we feel this is the correct decision. So.....welcome home, Emaline!

Raza, County and Preakness are sharing the window ledge, watching the birds. Bella has a new favorite poof bed--it's a big brown one, which she blends in so beautifully! Tweets, a newbie, is doing great--such a lovebug. A constant purring kitten. Cutie has been eating better this week. We're trying to encourage her to eat more.

Purrby, Purrdue, Buckeye and Miler are chasing a fly here in the office. They are clumsy chasers--colliding with each other in their desire to get this bug! No worries in the world for them! Queenie, Angel Kisses and Jaina are frequently found in Kitty Campus Room together, sunning themselves, side by side, with their eyes half open. Love seeing comfortable cats!

The COOKBOOKS HAVE ARRIVED and they are awesome. It is overwhelming to me to look at this book, and know it is entirely done with love and support of volunteers, viewers/cammers and friends. It is just wonderful. As soon as we get the envelopes and mailing labels, they will be shipped out. You will love them! A thousand thanks to Leenie for all the time, love and work she put into this project. I'm deeply grateful. Thanks too to the 3 people (Aunty Fi, Anna Marie & Anonymous) who made donations so that each and every volunteer can receive a free cookbook. The smiles this brings is very sweet.

The Catathon plans are progressing. We have another meeting this morning for it. This Friday, the phone company will be laying the phone lines so we can have 8 phones working on that day, all with the same number (419-393-2400). Saturday is our practice session at 1:00, with a computer guy coming in at noon to check things out. Keep checking the website and flickr. The Catathon pictures of the Baskets, Big Ticket Items and the Table Sale Items will be ready for all to see either today or tomorrow. This is a huge event for us, lots of work and so much fun and excitement!
J Big Ticket Item 1st Hour: Stained Glass
Stainglass Window Catcher, a Big Ticket Item, first hour

Sale Table Items
Some of the jewelry for the Sale Table
Sale Table Items
Sale Table Items--misc.