Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday, June 8

Tomorrow is our big surgery day here at FFRC. A tentative count is 20. That will keep us hopping busy. But, we all enjoy it, work good as a team and then these kittens can go up for adoption.

Putter had a very nice birthday yesterday. We opened his birthday cards at BOX time last night. Thru out the day, he got his Temptation Treats whenever he wanted (although that's not much different than any other day! What Putter wants...Putter gets!) He did have lots of extra extra pettings though!

We have the health papers all ready for our soon to be adopted cats--Bomber, Dollianna and Azar. Today we are expecting our 4 guests for the weekend. So glad to these visits!

Silas is doing great--he's fitting right in with the rest of the cats. Sumer is having a bit of a difficult journey in slipping into the ffrc routine, but we're being patient with him. Little Tweet is doing great. He spent some of the day out of his pen yesterday, slept inside his pen but is now out and about again. We're hoping he'll make some kitty friends real soon.

This weekend is a big event for FFRC. Our dance studio gives a performance for the town every June. It's a big event. We are in charge of the concession stand. This is a fundraiser for us and an opportunity to pass out our Catathon flyers. Jodi, our volunteer, has headed this event every year. It's a big job and I'm grateful for her doing this.

FiFi has become an expert Cat Go Round Wheel participant. She can sure make that wheel spin. It seems like all the kittens have a go at it. I saw 3 again try to make it go at one time yesterday--doesn't work quite like that! Teamwork is a must! They sure enjoy this "toy".

We had BOXES last night. I am constantly in awe at your support. Thank you.
Volunteer Pat--for the the Catathon--small mewbie blankie and a large crocheted afghan in sea colors--it's beautiful
Anonymous from Wisconsin--a Hoops & YoYo congrats card for winning the Worlds Best Litter!, 2 Einstein treats, face wipes for kitties, Cookies for the volunteers, Sticky Buddy lint roler, 6 cans of Fancy Feast, Dry Kitten food
D'Lee--5 packages of Vita Gravy and 4 cases of Indoor Friskies
Susan C/schinn81 from Maine--2 cases of Friskies bits
CathiB12--3 cases of Fancy Feast
Lillian from Illionois--For the Catathon: Photo of Jessica Simpson & Willie Nelson with certificate of Authenticity of their autographs. Birthday card for Putter.
Betz from PA--for the Catathon: Watch set with 8 bands & 8 watch faces, Set of 12 Victorian Ornament sets in a satin box. For grandkids: pet magnets!
CherylAnn275 from WA--For the Catathn: 17 handmade flannel pillowcases, 10 cotton pillow cases (in sets of 2), 2 large Kitty blankies, 7 sun catchers with suction cups. For FFRC: small paper plates, 6 kitty pink & white bed pads, 2 boxes of bandages for Diane, 2 boxes of "guy kind" bandages for volunteers, coupons, kitty cutouts from Iris folding cards
AbbyTabbysmama--3 cases of Fancy Feast, 2 large packages of toilet paper!, 1 large package of paper towels, dry cat food, 1 case of Friskie can food
Bonnie, Dve & Michael--large Temptation Treats for Badu
NukiMaster--Temptation treats, 3 boxes of Feliway Sprays & 6 boxes of Feliway Diffusers and the most delightful letter from NukiMaster telling of personal experiences and testimonial stories with "issues"! Thanks NukiMaster!
Solid Foundation Real Estate in Defiance--sent a donation
Aunty Julie--a card for Magentta with gift certicate to buy her treats. Postal stamps
Nancy D from Ohio--donation for FFRC
JillR--5 boxes of Friskies--all flavors!
For Putter's Birthday: cards from OhMyGuiness & Henry R Peeps, UncleKat, Bill B (with a Putter donation), Lillian (with a birthday and hug tokens), Dave and Carol O (with a donation for the parking lot)
Gusti from Germany--a Happy Birthday wish for Putter and a PayPal donation
Vaunita S from PA--a Happy Birthday wish for Putter and a PayPal donation

We have been using the World's Best Litter and finding is great to use! Thanks again for all your votes that brought us 11,000 pounds of this litter. Some of you will begin to receive your new FFRC t-shirts! We have sent out all the T-shirts that we had, but have no fear! We have 250 more shirts ordered and on it's way.

Remember to check in at our Causes site at: Big thanks to Jodie/aslanim for taking care of this site for FFRC. I wanted to also thank again Marsha R for those wonderful Home Depo Cannister vacuums that she sent--they are awesome sweepers. We are currently using one in Kitty Kastle and one in Cat's Cove.

Please remember to continue voting for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. We are still in #1 position, but must maintain this lead until voting stops on July 17th. We would love to be the winner of that $5,000--would be so very helpful. Thanks for all the votes!
FiFi--a top contender for the World's Best Cat-Go-Round wheel runner! You can see her eyes in this picture. It's wonderful that she can see now!