Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday, June 23

One more day to go! The Catathon is tomorrow! And we are ready, excited and grateful for this coming day. The tent went up yesterday and the Porta-Potts arrived. The yard has been mowed, trimmed, picnic tables out, chairs placed--we're ready for visitors! Because it will be impossible for visitors to get into the far side of the rescue center (where the actual catathon takes place), we will have several laptops out and about for people to view.

Today we will be moving all the cat furniture out to make room for all the hub-bub of tomorrow. The kittens will, I'm sure, love the wide open space they'll have for this evening and night time. Tomorrow the kittens go in 2 rooms and a few of the adults will go into Thumper's Room. Most of the adults, I imagine, will hang out in the front office and their outdoor enclosure, watching all the people.

Today, soon after the 1pm cut-off to the pre-registration, we will have a drawing to see who wins the special Cat-Doll. We'll keep you posted on this. We will also have a volunteer keep CantonCat up to date tomorrow on the Name that Cat and the Sponsored Cats. She will also occasionally post the amount of the totals for the Catathon. That website is

Please, again, remember, if you have trouble getting thru the phone, keep trying. This year, we have ONE number to dial, but 8-9 phone volunteers taking calls. Each incoming call will roll over to the next phone if busy. And if your chat/video has problems, please know that sometimes Ustram itself has troubles. Those kind of things we cannot fix here on our end. Try to reboot, refresh. The phone number for tomorrow is 419-393-2400.

Our local Crestent-News paper did a front page, colored article on FFRC and the Catathon! So nice of them to do this.

I would like to repeat this from yesterday:
Chat will be in 60 second delay for the entire catathon
Chat will be limited to discussions of the catathon and ffrc cats only (private conversations should take place in pm’s.)
Please be patient with Ustream or cam issues
If by chance the cam goes down, be patient, we'll get it right back up!
Please reference website for questions before asking in chat
Lets keep chat positive and fun!!!!!
Be patient & polite to our volunteer phone people here at FFRC who are taking
the bids over the phone. Please be patient if you keep getting a busy tone--we'll try our best to meet all needs.

We are super excited about this event. It will be fun day! Remember, if there's a few little problems along the way, don't worry! We'll take care of it. Just enjoy!

We had BOXES last night. Thank you so much for your support and gifts.
Donna M/Knoxcat--cute kitty card
Billie K from Texas--fancy feast dry cat and 4 cases of Fancy Feast can
Livy's Aunt--For the Catathon: 2 metal kitty Planters and a cat watering cat--all with bobble heads--very nice items
Patricia from IL--Mrs. Fields basket of cookie goodies for the volunteers

I'd like to thank all involved with providing food/yummies for the Catathon. We have pizza/pizza bread/chicken wings coming at 5:15 tomorrow to share with all that are here. We've also been gifted with yummy treats for today and tomorrow--thanks to all that sent these--we sure appreciate it.

On to the Catathon................! We are ready!