Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday, June 16th

I can't believe today is Saturday already. Wow--what a crazy, busy week and an even crazier week coming up! Time really does fly when we're having fun!!

Yesterday, the telephone company was here. They brought in a line to hold 4 corded/cordless phones. On Monday, they will bring another line to hold 3 more. It's been decided to go with these types of phones, instead of cell phones so we don't have to worry about recharging. Then, we asked the webcam viewers to start calling the 419-393-2400 number to test the lines. Phones were ringing galore! Had a couple kinks, but all was well when they left. Monday afternoon they'll be back.

Steve, Judy S and Deb started working on stuffing cookbook envelopes yesterday. We sent out about 150 already. My house is FULL of t-shirt things, cookbooks, mailing boxes, envelopes and stuff for the Catathon! It's very interesting, and my cats love it. Today we will be working on stuffing more envelopes for the cookbooks. Also, as soon as that second order of t-shirts arrives, we'll be working on those also. Maybe it's time to teach those cats and kittens how to do this?!

Today is our practice run for the Catathon. The computer guy, Dean, will be here around noon. Others will arrive so we can run thru the catathon procedures at 1:00. Busy, busy. This will give us time to work out any kinks that we may have.

Mariska is awesome and is right now walking about the office. She is doing great and appears to be very happy. What a brave little spirit she has. I think she's finally getting her belly full. She spent most of yesterday in a very comfortable sleep. But today she's ready to stretch her legs and do a walk about.

We took in 2 very special cats today for a new friend, Judy. Judy has some medical issues herself and wanted to be sure her cats would always be taken care of. I have such respect for someone who thinks like this and feel such a responsibility to be sure her pets are happy and looked after. Their names are Meggie and Alphie. Meggie is a white calico and Alphie is a long hair black cat. They are siblings. This morning both purred when petted. They will stay in Thumper's Room until they show they're ready to move on. Then we will set them up in June's Room. When they're ready to move on again, we'll simply open their door to the main area! Very sweet adult cats.

The last day to vote is June 17th, Sunday. We will then find out on the 20th, Wednesday if we won from The Animal Rescue Site. Please keep voting! Thank you.

That Weber is an ornery little guy. He is tough. Weber thinks nothing of going up to the "big guys" and tussling with them. What a brave little fella. He needed a break last night (or I should say, the kittens needed a break from him!) and so he slept in Patience's Pen. But, he's out and about again this morning, having the time of his life. The other new kitten, Frogger, is doing great as well. Happy boy. Sure glad he's not out dodging cars any more. He's an investigator type of kitten.

We had BOXES last night. I thank you for your support. It's awesome and greatly appreciated.
Cachemain/Cameo--For the Catathon--boxes of tissues! (I got such a chuckle out of this. Cameo watched the DVD from last years Catathon and saw how much I needed those tissues!!)
Beth W from Ohio--soap to help with my poison ivy (a special thanks)
Gail R/tuxkitty & Sandy R/elviskat, (sisters) from Louisianna--2 awesome tote bags that say "We love friends of Felines Rescue Center" and 6 t-shirts with various cat designs, all that say "I love Friends of Felines Rescue Center". Thanks ever so much--these are truly wonderful.
Judy--boxes for the note cards being sold during the Catathon
Amy D from Pennsylvania---coupons
Vickie B from NewYork--donation for FFRC
Ronald C/ThunderRunner--some really cool round stickers that say "FFRC Jr. Volunteer" on them. Kids will LOVE to have these. They also have the logo on them.

Magpie Studio--donation in gratitude for helping Judy with her 2 cats
Barbara S--donation "in honor of Judy to help with the care for her cats"
Thomas A from UK--a donation
Roberta R from Nevada-a donation to help with Judy's cats
Gusti--a donation to help with Mariska's surgery
Catman--a donation in honor of Judy and to help in the care of her cats
Rhonda S from Illinois--a donation to help with Judy's (gnuby) cats
Cathy S from PA--a general fund donation
Mechele--donation for extra food for Filbert and the other FFRC cats in honor of Binky's Birthday. Happy Birthday, Binky!
Neil & Jean--donation for the general fund
Cathi B--a donation to FFRC/Catathon donation
Gitte from Denmark--donation to help with Emalines food and meds