Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday, June 28

We're getting it done! 95% of the boxing up and mailing out is done from the Catathon. I'm still floating and cannot wait to go in and pay that Parking Lot bill in full. That will be a very good feeling. I also got an invoice from the company that did our T-shirts. It sounds like that shipment may possibly be here today or tomorrow. We're also ready to send those shirt out--the envelopes are already addressed, just waiting to be filled and mailed!

We took in another kitten. His name is McLovin'. He's orange/white, long hair, about 10 weeks old. He has the typical signs of being thrown out of a car. Kittens don't generally put their legs out on a fall, but land on their face. McLovin's lower lip is down to his chin. Unfortunately, this cannot be repaired, as the skin is already dry. He also sustained a severed nerve to a front leg--resulting in the need for an amputation so he doesn't drag that leg around for life. His surgery is scheduled for today. He's an awesome kitten--a real sweetie and purrbox. Sigrid is taking him to the vets this morning.

Mariska is doing awesome. She can climb up the poles that are covered in hemp rope--right up she goes--I never tire of watching her. Badu has now spent 2 nights in Kitty Kastle, with Nikka and has done beautifully!

Azar has been returned to the rescue center. He is out and about in the main area. The family that adopted him has worked on adjustment issues in regards to their resident cat, but in the end made the difficult decision to return Azar. Remember, he was an outside cat, that we're trying to convert to an inside cat. We'll see how this goes.

Sumer had her surgery yesterday. She and Buttons are still with the family that was keeping these 2 cats during the Catathon. Sumer--we were having major issues trying to keep her inside (she had been found as an outside cat). Buttons went to visit Sumer during the busy time of the Catathon, because of a newly developed pottying issue. She is doing well there. We should get both back after Sumer is recovered from her surgery.

We had BOXES last night! It was fun, and it's oh so good to have that food cabinet looking stocked again!
Greg & Tiffany--5 cases of Royal Canin Kitten canned food, 5 cases of Friskies bits, 5 cases of Friskies Poultry, 5 cases of Friskies Seafood, 3 large bags of Royal Canin Dry Kitten food. So very grateful for this.
Lillian--2 cases of Friskies canned food--our food cabinet is looking good.
Rebecca and Willow from UK--sent 9 boxes of Webbox Lick-e-Lix yogurt food for Bondi and Putter. They also thank you for finding this special food for them.
Midwestern Girl--a butterfly card, taken from her own garden and 3 hand painted decorated rocks for FFRC. They are awesome and have been placed outside the front office door. 1 rock with her chat name & state, one with her daughter's chat name & state, and the bigger rock with FFRC logo and establishment date.
The Bubbas--6 pillow cases, q-tips, bird treats and perch covers for Einie, Fancy Feast Appetizers, Trailmix & ashews for volunteers, recipe journal, kitty toys, Appetizers, and dog treats and lots of books for the volunteers
TippyNTraylor from FL--for Jacci!--family stickers for truck, bottle of wine, neg bag of seashells, cans of sardines, sea shell windchimes, "shell collector" sign
FFRC Supporters--sleep shirt for Jacci (Pawsitively Exhausted)--very sweet
Paula B and Calli from GA--pop-tabs for Kellen and cat toys
Mimi from Fl--pop tabs for Kellen
Sandra E--2 cases of Fancy Feast canned kitten food
Octavia and her Anonymous human helper--a letter with a story entitled "THe Ying and Yang of Life", a story that memorializes Ginny and Twinkle. The box: many small & big paper plates, a case of Friskies canned, 5 cans of canned chicken, 20 cans of tuna, 2 cans of Easy Cheese, 50 cans of sardines, a box of Turtle Candies, and many kinds of volunteer treats
AbbyTabbysMama--a PayPal donation, in memory of her Bailey's birthday, who lost her battle against a rare feline intestinal cancer in 2003, at age 10 months and left a huge hole in her mama's heart.

Bravo has an appointment next week on Tuesday, at 10:00 for a consultation regarding his rear legs. Daymo and Sugar Plum are on hold together--to go to the same family. Remember, Queenie is also still on hold. Alfie and Meggie are doing good. They both love their heads to be rubbed and a good back scratching. They are both now in June's Room and seem to be comfortable there. The next step for them is when we open their door to have access to the main area. Spruce, Purrdue and Purkins, all 3 brown tigers, have been playing for a full 10 minutes with pushing a ball around the Track Ball Toy. The 4 little blacks--Raymond, Raymondo, Faleen and Faleena all have fuzzy fur. Their fur seems to be getting to the medium length.

A goal of mine soon, is to get PetFinders caught up. Now that the Catathon is over and the mailing almost complete, it's time to get that done.
Martha Ann
Martha Ann is a friend to all the kittens and cats, and of course to us 2-legged friends too!
Purrby & Spruce
Purrby and Shirley share a moment of quiet.