Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday, June 19

One more day to go util we find out if we for sure won the Animal Rescue Site Challenge! I'm so excited just thinking about it! And 5 more days to go until the Catathon. What a week of anticipation and thankfulness!

We had an adoption yesterday. Our sweet boy Larrymore was adopted to a man that has a lot of time to give this little boy. I believe Larrymore and his new owner were happy campers when they left! After the Catathon, we'll be going full speed ahead again in adoptions.

We also took in a new kitten yesterday that has some physical disabilities. Remember how I always say cats don't think of themselves as being disabled? Well, this kitten has proved this again! He is a little 7 week old black boy kitten with both rear legs severely deformed, probably from pre-birth development. This little guy is a fighter, sweetie and a purrer. He's figured out how to get around, little bit by little bit. Since he is so tiny, we are not on a major time schedule in deciding what his best medical course of action is. After the Catathon and we get all the things mailed out, I will set up an appointment with our vets for a conference regarding what to do, if anything. His name will be decided today.

There are 17 kittens here in the office. I'm not sure what has happened, but they are all on super hyped up speedy action. In other words, they are all nuts! The running, jumping, pouncing, climbing is intense and pure fun and joy to watch. And all the while, Zelda just sleeps away on the desk! Emaline is also here nearby. Her skin took another turn for the worse, so it was "shot time"--her injection that helps her alot but we have to give this sparingly. She is much better today. Octavia is sitting at the window, probably in hopes of going out to their porch and lick up the spider webs.

Putter has definitely discovered the house-side-of-living again. One day last week, he got into the house (no big surprise!) and loves it. He's in there more than he's not now. He is so very comfortable and it's obvious that this is not a new way of life to him. He still maintains his sheriff duties though--he'll sit on the kitchen floor and look at my cats with disgust!! I will not forget the first time one of my "Z"s ran into him. It was Zap--he ran up to Putter, took one look, ears went straight up, eyes got big and off he ran. He had never seen a long hair cat before!

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you all. Your support is so much appreciated.
Liz/speedy--came for a visit yesterday bearing gifts! Cat toys, Iams dry kitten food, lysol, Fancy Feast, q-tips, plates, paper towels, volunteer treats, laundry soap, can food and vinegar
D'Lee--case of giant Friskies party treats, a case of Temptation Dairy Treats (for Bondi) and 2 cases of baby food
Patty P from OH--get well card for Mariska, Ginger Cat cookies, apple cider K cups, Mrs. Fields chocolate cookies (extra yummy), kitty face wipes, oyster shells for the chickens, tuna, thistle seed socks and kitty treats (the chickens say thanks too!)
Nan K from Scotland--2 beautiful hand made scarves for the Catathon
Sonja from Ontario--poly pockets for paper work for the Catathon and a picture of her Gandalf
Azuremeow from FL--Beanie Babies (and YES, their names WERE under their tails!!) for the Catathon
Judy L--more resident cat note card sets for the Catathon
Lannml--3 phones for the phone volunteers to use for the Catathon
Conii from FL and her cats Elliott and Madissyn--all for FFRC--5 cats beds (super soft and cushie), new soft blankies, scratcher refills, lots of neat cat toys, 2 cube condos, rocking roller toy, scratching furniture for kittens and 3 cat bag clips. Also a beautiful card.
Alan C from Utah--donation to FFRC
Mary and Ron--for the Catathon: 3 absolutely gorgeous artist made watercolor paintings of Putter, Paddy Purr and Paddy Cakes
Caroline L from MA--a donation thru PayPal
Judy M--a donation thru PayPal in memory of Ginny
Joshua H from VA--a donation thru PayPal

I have a special request. We are sending things out of here right and left. Between t-shirts, cookbooks, all the items for the Catathon (next week will be even more!), please, if there are any mistakes, we apologize. We also will be quick to correct any problems. Just let us know. We're always willing to get things right! Also, if you notice your name is missing from any lists, please don't hesitate to e-mail me and let me know.
Dolan says: "Come see us--we love visitors!"
Purrdue loves his tummy to be rubbed.