Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday, June 3

Three weeks from today is the Catathon! Wow--getting closer. You can now pre-register on the website Go to the Catathon button, look for Pre-Registration form.
In order to bid we would like you to sign up using our pre-registration form. This will allow our volunteer phone operators to take your bid information more quickly. Pre-registration will end 24 hours prior to the Catathon on June 23rd at 1pm.
If you did not pre-register we will still take your bid, but we will need all of this information given to the phone operators each time you call in with a bid.

The birds are singing and the birdfeeders are busy out the windows. The cats are being very entertained by watching them! Ida Lou, Purrdue and Purrkins are wrestling right beside me. They think they are powerful kittens! Ginny is also here by me--such a beauty. She is blossoming every day into a wonderful, sweet girl. Penn and Teller are constant kitten friends. They love playing with them. Sometimes it gets a bit rough, but when the kittens squeak, I've seen P & T, sit up, look at them, like--did I do that? Then it's all back to play time again.

Jaina continues to do great. No signs of any heart problems, shortness of breath and her color remains good. Farrah also continues to do good on her reduced PB seizure meds. We'll keep an eye on her activity level. Remo's wound on her jaw from the fish hook is healing with no problems. Bondi has had a few episodes of vomiting, but continues to eat. We have to always remember and watch her--we know that her kidneys are not working 100%. So, we'll love on her all she'll let us and enjoy each day with her. She loves her pen--door is always open except at night--and so enjoys her cushie bed.

Purrby just knocked himself silly--was chasing Daymo and wasn't watching where he was going. Bong--right into my desk chair. Shirley and Goodness are such sweet sisters--always ready for a hug. The new older kitten, Sumer is doing good. No signs of illness and loves to have her head rubbed. Purrby is already playing with Buckeye now.

We had BOXES last night--sure enjoyed that. Many thanks to you for your donations and support.
Nancy & Tom, webcam viewers that came for a visit--case of Friskies, 36 cans of Fancy Feast, Appetizers, Wellness cat packets, Einstein treat, dog toy, kitty note pad, pop tabs for Kellen, 2 bags of dry food (kitten & adult), Hello Kitty bin, kitty toy. She also donated for the Catathon: an absolutely beautiful handmade bead necklace, with over 3,000 tiny beads in it. The face is a cat--it's so very pretty
Barbara C--For the Catathon: Items from the Animal Rescue Site; purple mug, 2 purple tee shirts, purple glove and scarf
William M/UncleKat from Oregon--2 pouches of Treats for Putter's birthday--June 7
Joanne P/joey3100 from FL--2 boxes of Frontline for dogs (extra thanks!), and a card/gift card for our dear Sigrid in appreciation of her coming in to help with Boxes!
Michelle L/crittercat--For the Catathon: 4 handmade cat nip mouse toys, handmade bead key chain, sterling silver cat earrings
Lori W/lewbeth from MA--giant straws for toys, pingpong balls for toys. For the Catathon: Air Hogs Victron Waver toy, Glow Explosion toy, cat in the bag toy and a big Monkey cat bed
Di/TippyNTraylor and Ashley--2 packages of styrofoam plates For the Catathon: 2 giant rolls of bubble wrap!
Carrie M--toys for the kids basket for the Catathon For FFRC: tea boxes and snack meals for Kitty Kastle
Nigel W from UK--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal

If I make an error on the Boxes or neglect to mention someone, please do not hesitate to e-mail me--it's fine to let me know!

Diane M, a volunteer had an awesome surprise yesterday. A viewer knew she was without a sewing machine, so sent her a real nice portable one! How wonderful and caring. Diane loves to sew and this will let her continue on with her projects.
Gregg also received a really neat ball cap from a webcam viewer--he was wearing it with pride.

Please remember to vote for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. The site is: We are still in #1, but have slipped a bit. We need to hold our lead until it's over (June 17) to win the $5,000. Please vote for us! I appreciate it.

Special thanks to Aunty Fi, AnnaMarie and an anonymous donor who has made it possible for all of our volunteers to receive a new FFRC shirt, free of charge. This not only has brought huge smiles from the volunteers, but from me as well. I am appreciative that you care for the volunteers--they are indeed a huge part of this Rescue Center.
Our sweet Cutie, a resident.
Ada Jane
Another resident, Ada Jane. She is so gentle.