Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday, June 26

The cats are wonderful. Zelda Belda continues her desk statue act. She's my paperweight. Unfortunately, the kittens love it here too. They are not paperweights, but whirlwinds, stirring up all the other paper. And they LOVE taking my pens. I'm forever fishing the pens out from under the desk. I keep saying to PLEASE let papers and pens alone, but it falls on deaf ears. Oh well....I secretly love it!

Bella has had two bouts of super speed this morning. She loves scooting on this floor--she can get going pretty fast--ears even laid back. I swear she smiles doing this! Little Bravo must be taking lessons. He's doing pretty good scooting around too. Bless his heart--he's got the smaller litterboxes figured out. He can hoist himself into them. His front legs are so strong. Next week, I'd like to get him to our vets for consulations. That right back leg, from knee down is unusable. He gets it under his tummy and pulls it along. His left rear leg, the one that is stiff, straight out, has been turning also under his tummy, coming out on the other side. So, I want to keep watching him and figuring out what would be best for him. His spirit is strong--he's a toughie. He still collects toys, litter, dust bunnies in his "tummy tray".

The cats spent many hours yesterday on the outdoor enclosure. It was a beautiful day. Tomorrow it's suppose to be 103. Wow--now, that's hot! I love how the kittens and cats find the sunshine coming in the various windows.

We had a very busy day yesterday. Spent many hours, by many people, packing up the orders from the Catathon! This will go on for this whole week yet, I'm sure. I get so excited to see where all these items are going!

We prefer to keep names anonymous on the winning bids, but I would like to mention some extra thanks: The bunkbeds were donated back to the kitties and they love it. Bella likes the lower bunk! The kitty basket was donated back, to give to the next adoptive family. The ruby/diamond jewelry was donated back, to be given to 2 volunteers by a drawing. The Betty Jane Carter doll was donated back, to be used for the Catstock Event. The Alaskan basket was donated back to be dispersed between volunteers and my mom. The cat wheel too was redonated to FFRC! So, one will go to Cat's Cove, the other here in the main area. A box of awesome items was sent to FFRC, to be put in for a drawing for the volunteers also--we'll be doing that this week. We're so grateful!

We love snacks & food here, so we need to also thank those wonderful people who made sure we had kinishes, pizza, pizza bread, chicken wings, cookies, fresh doughnuts and muffins, and tasty breads. We loved all that extra attention!

I would like to ask for your patience as these many items that are being sent are received. We literally have over a thousand papers to sort. We have the original PayPal forms, checks to match up with orders, PayPal sometimes sends a reminder that a payment was sent, e-mails from 2 accounts, etc. All in all, it's a lot of paper! We are trying very hard to match everything up. If you by chance get a duplicated order, if you want to send it back, I will gladly reimburse you for the postage! Just let me know. If there is an error in your order and you didn't receive what you should've, just let me know.

We are still adding names for Sponsor a Cat and the Name that Cat to Canton's website at catandninetails.com There will be quite a few names added this evening, but then, if you notice your info is missing, please let me know.

We had BOXES last night! It was fun and we loved the donations.
AD/Ann & Shari/sillysticks--4 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 pkgs of styrofoam plates, bleach, treats, tabs for Kellen, file tabs for the health book
Geoffrey M--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Mudjie--a donation for the yummy treats for all FFRC cats
Nancy & Tom--visitors for the Catathon--stamps, poptabs for Kellen, 3 rugs, Fancy Feast Kitten, snacks, trash bags, Fancy Feast Medleys, clorox wipes, Mr. Clean erasers, Appetizers, lots of can food for adults and kittens
Anonymous-case of appetizers
Catlady--red tunnel toy, yellow and pink flower beds
D'Lee--CatSure for the oldsters
Mary R/prisotis--6 tubes of sunscreen--such a nice thing to send!
Joanne H from WA--a big red bed for Bella--which she has already approved of.
Farrah wanted you to know that she's doing great on her lower reduced dose of meds!
Daymo is sooooooo tired after the Catathon.