Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday, June 14

10 days to the Catathon! We had another meeting yesterday--plans and organizing are at full speed. TODAY IS THE DAY that the pictures of the baskets, big ticket items and sale table items will be made public. When that happens, I'll let you know via the cam and FB that it's there for all to see! A thousand thanks to Angie, Jenni and Lenz for making this happen!

Our new kitten, Weber is a brave little soul. He's already been cruising about a little, but he's so small, that we encourage naps in a pen. We also took in another new kitten yesterday, called Mariska. She arrived after being found at a local school--probably dumped off, and with a major leg injury. Her front right leg , including the shoulder, is completely useless. We're not sure what happened to her, but what we do know is that this leg is not a functional leg and definitely impedes her mobility. So, today is surgery day for her to have it removed. Once that happens, this little girl will find it so much easier to move around. Her and Weber are becoming friends and even spent the night together, probably sharing stories.

That foursome group of kittens--the black crew (Faleen, Faleena, Raymond and Raymondo) are the cutest little babes. They purr the second you even think about touching them! Such loverbugs. So is the other one of that litter--Floria. They will be spayed/neutered on the next big surgery date. Buckeye, Obadiah and Purrby had dried leaves trapped out on the outdoor enclosure yesterday. I think they thought they were alive--they acted like they had made a great "catch"!

I have to apologize for an error (yes, another error!) that I made yesterday. The cookbooks that were donated to the volunteers were from Betz, Mary E and Anonymous. Thank you ever so much and I'm very sorry for the mistake. The volunteers have been so appreciative of this kind deed!

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks to you!
Gitte--For Emaline: case of Whiskas chicken Temptation treats. For Cutie: tuna fancy feast and a case of Tuna/Egg Friskies. Emi and Cutie both also say thanks!
CherylAnn275--many bottles of various scents of Bath & Body Works antibacterial soaps (moisturizing, foam and regular) We LOVE it.
MKMouse--3 big boxes of 10x13 brown envelopes for sending out t-shirts and Catathon items--very thoughtful
Sandra E--24 cans of Friskies bits
Becca/runbeccarun--3 pack of Q-tips, 13 gallon Glad trash bags, case of bounty paper towels
Val & Lois--a mirror framed picture of Garth Brook for the Catathon
Kismet2011--For the Catathon: 5 handmade hot pads and 2 liberty stuffed bears with red, white, blue clothes (now known as Kismet Bears!)
Jatcat--box of 8.5 x 11 laminating sheets
Mr. & Mrs. John--Chief coupons (we turn these in for cash)
Msawo from Orgeon--a Powels gift card for online purchase. For the Catathon: Seaside Cottage printand 3 photos from the 1950's of the Snow White animated character with photos of the lady who was the voice of Snow White--great pictures! She also included a donation for FFRC.

33 Round 6: Kitty Condo Basket
Block 6, Kitty Condo
37 Round 7: Elton John Basket
Block 7, Elton John Basket
Sale Table Items
For under the big ten--Sale Table Items
I Big Ticket Item 1st Hour: Stuffed Lion #1
Big Ticket Item, Round 1 Stuffed Lion