Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday, June 15

Our little baby Mariska had her amputation surgery yesterday. Thanks to Dr. Amanda for doing such a great job. Mariska's front right leg was useless, so this was a needed surgery. I spoke to Dr. Amanda after the surgery and she said she found a great deal of injury and bruising to that shoulder area. A probable hit by car which severed the nerve to that leg. Mariska will be much more mobile now. She had a bit of a rough afternoon--you all know, how medicines make us all feel weird after surgery--same for cats. But, she had a good night. She was so very hungry after her surgery and gobbled up the baby food given to her. She'll be on soreness meds for a few days. She's sleeping peacefully right now and will probably be out a little bit to stretch today.

We also acquired a new kitten yesterday. When Mariska came back from the vet clinic, they sent along another little baby. He's an orange tiger, about 6 weeks old, was found on their busy main road near the clinic, dodging cars as much as he could. So....they promptly named him Frogger. He's a sweetheart, a purrer and ready to rock and roll. He will also be out soon, since he actually did some "quarantine time" at the clinic.

Weber is a hoot. That tiny little kitten can keep up with the rest of the gang and insists upon it. He's no shy guy! He's everybody's friend.

Please visit our website ( and see all the latest on the Catathon. Just click on the Catathon tag and you'll be able to view all the Baskets, Big Ticket Items, Sale Table Items and the individual things that can be bought without bidding (all are under $22). Many thanks to Lenz for working so hard on this Catathon page for us--it's fabulous. Again, thanks to Angie, Bill and Jenni for their many hours of help.

Today the telephone company will be here around 2:00 to put the final details on installing the 8 lines we'll be using for the Catathon. We'll try them out and make sure all are working properly. They've been a lot of help. Today we'll also verify our order for Porta-Pots and 2 big tents. Those will be put up next Friday. We did a mini-rehearsal for Round #1 yesterday and was pleased with the results. This Saturday is our big rehearsal starting at 1:00.

The mailing labels and envelopes have arrived for the cookbooks! That means, we'll get busy on that project and get them sent out as fast as we can. You will love them.
There has been 22 cookbooks that have been donated by Anonymous, to be put with some of the baskets--what a nice gesture!

All is well here. Kittens are growing. Unfortunately, I haven't had time yet to get the kittens that have recently been neutered/spayed in PetFinders. But, that will happen as soon as I can get the time.

Please continue to vote for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. Voting ends June 17th. If we maintain our lead, we will receive $5,000. This money is desperately needed to help us with our general fund. It will be a welcome relief. The Fiver Friday we had a while ago was 100% applied to medical bills, which we've been so grateful for. We've had many many spays/neuters done with that money, lots of meds and test kits bought, vaccinations paid for. It has also helped us with these specialty surgeries--dentals, amputations, eye enucleation. I'm deeply grateful for this.