Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday, June 9

Happy Surgery Day today! A very very busy morning--lots of females and even more males to do today. Bonnie, Sue, Lynnette, Dr. Darci will be here for this event. Boys will be done first, then the girls.

We have four visitors for the weekend and all are staying in Kitty Kastle. We certainly enjoy having visitors here. Nikka arrived first and has already taken lots of pictures. Then Deb11111 (who is adopting Dollianna), Connie (warped in MN, who is the rug maker) and Linda/Goss (who does a lot of the video recording for ffrc) arrived. They will be staying again tonight!

We had BOXES last night. Ever so grateful for the supplies and for helping us get the food cabinets full again!
Goss/Linda--big brown marshmallow bed and big bag of assorted chips for volunteers
Deb11111--3 bottles of Tide HE laundry soap, cat toy cube, 4 bottles of Mr. Clean, bonito flakes, Dawn liquid dish soap and a big bag of chips for the volunteers
Connie/warpedinmn--recyclable bags,3 beautiful washcloths/2 hand towels & 4 big bath towels, HUGE paper clips, coupons, mouse toys, 8 pillowcases, 2 big cases of Friskies and an S shaped cat scratcher. Also real catnip to plant! Connie also brought a big container of fresh fruit and 2 cakes for the volunteers!
Abbytabbysmom/Cheryl--pretty kitty towels, baby food, sardines, collectible pewter frame (for the Catathon) and 8 pillowcases
D'Lee--VitaGravy pouches
Laura H/Medic--a case of Fancy Feast
Anonymous--3 bottles of Mr. Clean & 4 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
CacheMaine/CameoD--2 litter locker II Hygenic litter disposal systems for the next 2 families that adopt kitties. So nice!
Pat L--pop tabs for Kellen, cat dancer toy, crocheted blankies for kitty beds for ffrc
Anonymous--a case of Friskies Shreds
Sandra E--2 BIG cases of Friskies Variety packs
Anonymous--case of canned kitten Fancy Feast cans, case of Canned baby cat Royal Canin, 2 cases of Appetizers and a case of 32 cans of Friskies
Deirdre M from CA--a PayPal gift in lieu of a Catathon purchase

If I ever make an error, please don't hesitate to e-mail me about it. OR if a gift received says anonymous, and you sent it, would love to have an e-mail from you so we can acknowledge who the gift was from!

All is well here! On to surgery day...........

Laurel Birch Indigo Cats
A sneak preview of one of the "baskets", called Laurel Birch Indigo Cat
Kid Summer & Avon
Another sneak preview, this one called Kid's Summer Fun and Kid's Avon products