Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21 Thursday

$5,000 -- $5,000 -- $5,000--We did it! It's ever so wonderful. You know, we THOUGHT we had it, but I was still holding my breath till I saw it on The Animal Rescue Site. What a wonderful, awesome win for us. This will go straight into the general fund which has been lacking. But, not anymore! We have $5,000 to add to it! Thank you to each and every single one of you, for each and every single vote you gave. This win is because of YOU! We have the Finger Power!!! I am grateful. (Please remember to keep daily clicking the food button at The Animal Rescue Site to help feed shelter dogs and cats.)

Three more days to the Catathon! Another wonderful event coming up! We're so excited about the Catathon. It's been a lot of work, we still have details to attend to, but it's all falling together. Do you realize that 100% of ALL items in the Catathon have been donated by YOU, our supporters. I am in awe of this. I want to stress again, that if you do not see your item on the Giant Ticket Item, the Big TIcket Item or in the Baskets, it's because it's on the Table Sales. 100% of everything is "out there" for the Catathon and I am again, so grateful.

Tomorrow the porta pots arrive along with the tent(s). Saturday will see a big transformation inside the Rescue Center--we'll be moving most of the furniture out.
Please check Canton's website at: Canton has listed the suggested Name the Cat and the cats that are sponsored. Each person that sponsors a cat will receive a picture of the resident, covie or porchie ca. And yes, they are pawographed with their pawprint. We have used up quite abit of tempered paints doing this project! But it's fun, only takes a second and it washes right off.

We took in a new kitten on Tuesday. Someone had put this nice little kitten in this man's van, in the heat of the day and shut him in it. It's truly a wonder that he did not die in the heat. He was found in the van later that evening. He's a cute white and black kitten, about 10 weeks old, with a triangular nose. His name is Sizzle.

We had BOXES last night! A big thank you.
AuntiFi--a case of Medley Fancy Feast (Putter & Bondi likes this)
Teresa C--a case of KMR and a bag of mousie toys
Anonymous--pop tabs for Kellen
Maggie/Magspaw--cat profile pages for me to mark physical features on
Jenny/Blackwingy--a box of treats from Cheryl & Co (cookies, cakes, breads--very good snacks!) I also understand that Blackwingy is quite an artist.
LadyDoc--sent phones to be used at the Catathon
Livy (volunteer) and family--a Tweety Treat bird basket for the Catathon
TippyNTraylor--delicious snacks to be enjoyed during the Catathon prep or after. They are Knashes--a wonderful snack. There are 5 packages. We may just have to enjoy these on Saturday while we are setting up! Thanks so much.

Again, if I ever neglect to add something or have an error, please e-mail me so I can correct it.

Giant Item: Cat Go Round
Cat-Go-Around Wheel A Giant Ticket Item for auction from 1:15 to end of 5th round
Giant Item: Watercolor #1
A water painting of Putter--A Giant Ticket Item from 1:15 to end of Round 5
Giant Item: Watercolor #2 Paddy Cakes
Paddy Cakes--a water painting--Giant Ticket Item from 1:15 to end of Round 5
Watercolor #3 Paddy Purr by FoFRCphoto, on Flickr">Giant Item: Watercolor #3 Paddy Purr
Paddy Purr--a water painting--Giant TIcket Item from 1:15 to end of Round 5