Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday, June 2nd

The toucan ship is taking a beating this morning--there are 4 kittens playing on it, showing no mercy to it! What fun they are having! Nemo (black cat that had the fish hook in jaw) is doing great. What a little loverbug she is. She dearly loves her hammock and is so enjoy staying cuddled up on it. Today we will work on encouraging her to leave her pen more.

We have a new cat here, name is Silas. He's a big black and white boy. He came from the Rescue Center, but was tossed outside, after having been there for 3 years. After gathering information, we were able to get him back. Unfortunately, the friend of Silas (also from FFRC) is still missing. We have an ad in the paper with a reward, along with people looking for him going on right now. I so hope we find the 2nd cat. This should never ever have happened. Part of the contract with FFRC, is that ANY cat at ANY time can come back here if no longer unable to be cared for. This door is ALWAYS open to returnees.

The litter has arrived! Wow--what a huge, gigantic amount of litter--all thanks to YOUR votes. We received 11,000 pounds of litter, all in 16 pound heavy plastic bags. Very nice! We've already got the Cat's Cove litter-pools with some of this litter in it! I'm very grateful for this. We were beginning to think it wasn't coming yesterday. It was scheduled to be here between 1 and 3:00, but didn't arrive until 6:40 pm. But, it's here now and we're happy. Thanks to all the people that helped us unload. Some is stored in Kitty City, some is stored in the stall in the big red barn.

We took in another young cat yesterday. Connie D was showing some visitors Cat's Cove and the farmyard, when she spotted a black/white cat. The cat immediately went up to Connie, and lo and behold, this one also has extra mittens. Such a sweet girl. Absolutely loves people. She's dirty and was so hungry. Her bath will happen this morning and her tummy is now full, so she's a happy girl. Her name is Sumer, prounced Soo-mer, which means light!

We had BOXES last night! We did them early (6:00) and a rush job, because we found out the litter delivery was going to happen soon. Thanks to you for your support!
Cathi B--2 cases of babyfood (big thanks--we were low, and Bella was worried!)
Hencass--for the Catathon: From the Amishmart--gourmet pancake mix, grape jelly, apple jelly, chicken noodle soup, 5 bags of homemade noodles, an awesome cookbook, country popcorn and oil
Lois L--2 cases of friskies & 2 boxes of Friskie packets (gravy style)
Cindy A--For the Catathon: lots of very beautiful homemade jewelry, crocheted neclaces by her mom Judy B, 5 alligator shaped luggage tags, a very nice wallet (such talent!)
Deb--a visitor. Deb also helped unload the litter! A sterling silver charm bracelet with the clasp being a cat!
Carol, Corky and Tammy from CA--5 Beatles CD's--an awesome collection
Kim W/violetsmom--for FFRC: lysol wipes, small paper plates, lots of kitty treats, cat toys, kitty face wipes. For the Catathon: a stunning cat wind chimes
Mechelle (a webcam visitor)--for the Catathon: a nascar basket that included Dale Earnhart beach towel, XL T-shirt, match box Nascar cars, beer mug wrap, Christmas ornaments with Rusty Wallace, Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhart, trading cards, a Dale Jr. parking sign, nascar collectable metal sign & a Terry labonte semi truck toy. Also a really neat clear glass cat figurine with a gold fish in the tummy! She also sent an Indian doll, 22 inch, called Rain Blossom--just gorgeous! Mechelle also helped unload litter.
Trudy S from Bryan OH--a donation to FFRC
Barbara B/bjbx--For the Catathon: A "San Francisco Basket", bull of local items--origami shirt shaped like California, SF piggie bank, mug, 49ers, 2 hats, Alcatraz cooking apron, Painted lady book, metal SF sign, SF Giradellis candy in a tin, Steve McQueen as Bullet, Clark Gable in SF, Wild parrots of Telegraph Hill book. A really nice basket!
Pam W--For the Catathon: travel alarm & pocket pedometer, 4 tote bags, several cat frames and dog frames, beautiful Laurel Burch plates, 4 sparkley "sunglass cats" t-shirts, 2 Regina Medley Artist design pillows
Carla C/beachkatz--For the Catathon: "feather" cat pottery, royal winter fest Kitty, wood fishing cats with poles that they hold (these are very nice wood designed cats). Plus BIG straws for the cats to play with. Cards for Cliff and Simone's birthdays!

Zelda is sleeping here on the desk with me, Jaina is sleeping on my chair. Asha is also close by, peeking a look at me now and then (it means, pet me again!), and Emaline is up high napping. Her face is doing god these days. All is well. Cutie loves going inside Dodger's Pen, where Nemo is.

We have a visitor coming in the next couple days, very interested in 1 or 2 short hair females cats. He has lost his cats over the past couple years--both were geriatrics. He's ready now to adopt.
Durell--what a handsome little kitten he is and such a purr boy too.
Purrgeron--a kitty of Purresa.