Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday, June 12

Poor Zelda has a very sore front leg. Dr. Bill looked at it last night. She is also on soreness meds. Her initial injury (when she was stuck between the store wall and a cement wall), not only injured her hips, but her elbow. Poor baby. Now, she needs even more petting!

We had TWO adoptions yesterday. The couple that had adopted Maxironi also had Emma Lou on hold for quite some time--waiting for her spay to be done. When they came yesterday to adopt Emma Lou, they could not leave Ida Lou behind, so they adopted both! They also brought Maxironi with them--he's doing great and received his last vaccinations and second leukemia/FIV test (which was negative).

We are working full speed ahead on the Catathon. We have all the pictures taken now of the Baskets and Big Ticket Items. Last night, we took a lot of pictures of items that will be on the Sale Tables. When these get on Flickr, we will then make "public" that site. Look for that to happen on Thursday! How exciting to see everything!

The new cat, Zavatar continues to do wonderful--he's a friendly cat and seems to enjoy watching the kittens. Shirley, Purrdita and Raymond are running crazy here in the office--all after a ball that jingles! Asha is great--such a cuddler.

Penn, Teller and Farrah have been zooming around the top kitty walks. They look like white blurs up there. They sure know how to have fun. Nemo is now out of her pen 100% of the time--she is so much braver. A sweetie cat. Her fur is growing back on her jaw now. Asha is taking a nap with Linden and Dennison curled up with her. Jaina is at the window shelf most of each morning--she loves the bird feeders.

We've heard from Bomber's mom/dad. All is well and happy! Our vet was pretty impressed with all his toes. I called the gentleman that has Shaling and Patiska yesterday to check on them. It's official now--they are BOTH staying and doing much better. Both are calmer now that the kittens are not around them and they have even been napping on the rocking chair together!

The Sunporch cats and Cat's Cove cats are all doing great. Big Al's ear continues to look good. Cliff is feeling back to normal. Today will be a great day for the Covies to run the farmyard!

We had BOXES last night. What fun and we are always so grateful. Much thanks to Sigrid for helping.
Medic101--a case of Fancy Feast
Andrea/Amsprinkle and her cats--40 large cans and 12 small cans of food, Pop tabs for Kellen, Paw Prints from Fresh Step, treats for the volunteers
Gina/catlvr14--2 dozen cats treats. For the Catathon: coffee mug and puzzle with the Resident cats on each!
Leenie--4 cases of Friskies
Bantry from MA--For the Catathon: 2 wood cut prints, 1 called Flocked and the other Dog Days. Each are unique and a one of a kind
Karen D/butterflyksd--For the Catathon: a gorgeous hand made heirloom red/white rug (oval shaped)
Karen H (and delivered by volunteer Diane M)--3 mewbie crocheted blankies for the cats
Pat and John, visitors, on their way to GA--bird seed, bird bath, suet, 2 bird books and gardening gloves
Pat S from Paulding--dry and canned cat food
Missymjj/Temykitty12 & Christy Marie--birthday card for Sheriff
Carol O from CA--coupons
Rose/rosesf6cats--birthday card for Putter

To show appreciation to the World's Best Volunteers (our very own FFRC volunteers!), the rescue center purchased a special t-shirt for each of them. It's a light blue, with the logo on the front. On the back, it says FFRC and Volunteer. We are so happy to have been able to get these for the volunteers. They can wear them at the Catathon and Concern/Carnival or whenever!

03 Round 1: Calico Kittens Basket
For the Catathon: Basket 3, in Round 1 Calico kitten set and shelves
09 Round 2: Doggie Basket
For the Catathon: Basket 9, in Round 2 Doggie basket