Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday, June 29

Our little McLovin' did just great with his surgery yesterday. His front right leg was removed (the nerve was 100% severed). He's already been playing with his pen buddy--Graciella. His right eye is also a little droopy from nerve problems, but hopefully will improve. His rear right leg seems to have recovered 100% already. Now, about his chin injury from being tossed from the car. This was one of the most severe chin injuries I've seen (where lip and chin is torn away from gum line). The skin was dry upon arrival, which makes it sometimes impossible to repair. Dr. Amanda worked and worked and worked on it yesterday and did a phenomenal job on it. He has a little button right now on it to keep everything in place, but should have a decent looking and workable chin/lip when healed! I was so happy about that.

Graciella is a tiny torti girl that was brought in the same day as McLovin'. She was found in our local cemetery and was crying and crying. A person saw her, but didn't want to pick her up for fear that her mama was still there. But, after following them quite a ways, she was picked up and brought here. Unbelievable the distance she followed them on those tiny legs. I could not do a leukemia/FIV test on her until yesteday as she was dehydrated. But, that test is now done and is negative. She loves to cuddle with McLovin'.

Azar has been moved to Thumper's Room. But, that door is open, which gives him access to the front Welcome Room office. The reason for this decision was that he was mighty rough on the kittens and adult cats yesterday. He's a loverbug to people, but super hard on the cats. Because of the fear of actual bodily harm happening, he was put in these two rooms. He's perfectly happy there and is enjoying the people.

We had a package last night from Amsprinkle. It was quite a few of those neck coolers. She made these and they're awesome. Just soak in water, the little beads inside swell up, then freeze them. Put around the neck and they help keep you cool. It was 106 degrees yesterday. Other than last week's 1/2 hour rain, we haven't had rain for over 2 months. It's soooo hot here. This week will continue to be in the mid to upper 90's, with no rain. Thanks to these and the sunscreen that was sent to us and a new fan being sent for the Cat's Cove cats, we should be good! Thanks to all for caring.

The second order of t-shirts have arrived. Within a few days, we should have all the backorders of shirts sent out. Be patient--we'll get them out! I already have a 3rd order placed as of 10 days ago.
Zavatar enjoying the outdoor porch enclosure. Such a great cat.