Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday, June 5

We have our sweet Bomber on hold. He'll be going to Mary and Ron's home after he is neutered. We also have Queenie, Emma Lou and Dollianna on hold. I'm so happy for all of them.

Saturday is our spay/neuter day. We weighed all the kittens yesterday. All have had good weight gains. We'll have approximately 17 surgeries to do this coming Saturday. Give us a half hour and we can turn the front office into a great surgery room, including 2 surgery lights and all the needed equipment!

Plans are going full force with the Catathon. Many baskets are complete, pictures being taken which will soon be on Flickr, schedules being made, big tent is ordered along with porta-pots. Lots of activity going on.

We also have our t-shirts up for sale now that the volunteers have received theirs. You can go to the website fofrescue.org There is a tab, just click and order! So easy, thanks to Lenz. Steve worked 5 hours last night, filling t-shirt orders. We purchased 200 to start with and have used them all. We already have another 250 shirts ordered. As soon as they are in, they will also be shipped out to you. So, don't be discouraged--more shirts are on their way! Thanks for such the successfull t-shirt orders.

We also have extra FFRC cookbooks. The manufacture is sending quite a few extra cookbooks, to help cover the initial shipping costs. So, if you didn't get a chance to order an FFRC cookbook, go to our website and click on the cookbook link.

Penn and Teller truly are twins. What one does, the other does. When one gets into trouble (just kitty orniness!), the other one is right there too. Finally, Nemo is starting to emerge from her pen more. We like to let them decide when they want to do this. I believe, in her case, she's opted to stay in Dodger's Pen for so long because she loves that hammock!

The new older kitten, Sumer is now in Patience's Pen--we've moved him up from Thumper's Room. This morning we opened his pen door and he is starting to venture out. He's a little unsure about it, but in 24 hours, I believe, he will be more adjusted. He loves people and really enjoys a chin rub. We sure like his extra toes.

Daymo, Ginseng and Spruce are quite the clowns--these are a fun 3-some. It's so interesting to watch the interactions of cats. Then when you mix in Larrymore and Martha Ann to that 3--it's a circus. These are professional toy players. Dollianna just made her entrance into the office--at full speed, and headed for the toys! Love to watch her play.

We had BOXES last night. Sooooooooo very grateful for the donations.
JillR--32 cans of Friskies
Anonymous--Many Boyd Bear figurine collection set--really nice. Please, whoever sent this, let me know, if you would.
Linda C and Keith & Maise from UK--hand crocheted baby blanket, baby bonnet, yellow hat and sweater, crocheted by her mom, for the Catathon. Also a Hello Kitty toy in UK attire, for the kitties
Faith M from Maine--For the Catathon: 3 awesome handmade, personalized pillows for the Catathon. For the volunteers: goodies!
From Octavia & an anonymous helper--a wonderful letter, Sham wows, treats for the volunteers, 2 "cheese heads", twenty 50 cent coins, toys (have to watch this girl--she's getting pretty tricky!)
From our sweet Hannah--birthday card for Putter, package of snackers for Putter and a box of gravy sensation pouches also for Putter. He enjoyed his treats during boxes.
Gail R/tuxkitty from New Orlands--For the Catathon: many many wonderful, varied items from New Orleans, including a gift certificate for Central Grocery, gift certificate for the Cafe French Market and from the Chateau French Quarters resort a 3 day, 2 night stay ($500 value, expires May 31st 2013)
Susan F--For the Catathon: 3 awesome painted tile framed pictures, calico throw, cat shaped rug, cat hats, a really cool story cat frame, kitty cube note pad, Christmas ornament, 2 kitty keepsake boxes, posti notes, cat toys and treats. For FFRC: 4 colorful puffs, orange stuffed kitties and a card for Putter
Jeanette/Furrhaven kitties & sister Annette--For the Catathon: 9 awesome handmade photo alums. These are top-notch photo books, a real prize. Thanks--I got to keep one!
Judy, Stephanie & Heather--were visitors on Saturday: fancy feast, volunteer trets, paper plates, paper cups, necklace from the Animal Rescue Site, TP
Selkie & Blue--my siamese friends--a real nice letter, letting me know they now have a new sister--adjustments are hard, but they are trying! Misty's the new family member.
Ida Lou
Ida Lou is NOT going to share her mouse!

Sunporch Kitty Olaf
Olaf knows how to pose--what a handsome boy he is.