Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday, June 22

It is now 2 days to the Catathon. Excitement is building even more....if that's possible! Final details of things have to happen today. Tomorrow we rearrange the entire place! We also sent out a lot of items that have been sold already for the Pre-Catathon sale of the $22 and under items. We did this early to, hopefully, keep the phones from becoming "plugged up".

For your information--for the chat on the day of the Catathon:
Chat will be in 60 second delay for the entire catathon
Chat will be limited to discussions of the catathon and ffrc cats only (private conversations should take place in pm’s.)
Please be patient with Ustream or cam issues
If by chance the cam goes down, be patient, we'll get it right back up!
Please reference website for questions before asking in chat
Lets keep chat positive and fun!!!!!
Be patient & polite to our volunteer phone people here at FFRC who are taking
the bids over the phone. Please be patient if you keep getting a busy tone--we'll try our best to meet all needs.

What a wonderful evening we had--it RAINED! Such a welcomed thing. It's the first real rain in almost 2 months. Paul and I went out on the parking lot to finally check the drains and Kitty City.Kitty City stayed dry and the drains were gushing with water, heading to the river--exactly as we had hoped!

All is fine here cat-wise. Kittens are healthy, newbies are settling in. Little Mariska gets her sutures out today. Bravo continues to pull himelf around on the floor while collecting toys under his tummy. He's learning to flip-flop those useless legs into, around and on things. What a brave heart he is. This slick floor is perfect for him. In a week or so, he and I will be visiting our vets for a talk about him. Sizzle is doing great too and making new friends.

We had BOXES last night! What a great thing!
D'Lee-6 cans of CatSure (oldsters love this)
Hannah & Jennifer--10 hars of baby food (Hannah loves Putter & the Paddys)
Leenie--sent 2 cases of Friskies (to replace the damaged ones from last week)
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Kitten Fancy Feast
Jeanette C from IL--note, meowy Christmas tea towel, Bag of ping pong balls with feathers (for FFRC & adoption bags), wonderful pictures of her 2 cats, catnip toy (which Badu immediately took). For the Catathon: a neat box of 4 cat mugs, plates, forks and spoons
Pat M--now, 2 boxes of Cheryl & Company's cookies and goodies for us to have during this upcoming weekend. You know, we have to keep up our strength!!
Colleen P from CA--coupons
Judy M--Emaline's note cards to add to the Resident cat note cards
Billy K--Cheryl cookies for help us thru this upcoming great weekend!
Bravo & Bella
Little Bravo and Bella sharing a moment.