Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday, June 7

Today is Putter's Birthday! He is now 15 and has been with us for 2 years. Putter arrived after having been found on a golf course, in a pitiful condition. He was bone thin, fur so matted tight, that it took forever to shave him. His poor back legs were buckled underneath him. I remember truly being concerned if he was going to survive those first few days here. But, he's a toughie, a sweetie, an ultra-snugglebum and we're so thankful to have him. He's an oldster and will enjoy the rest of his life here as a permanent resident.

Shaling and Patiska have officially been adopted! They have went together to an elderly gentleman who likes calicos and tortis. He originally had planned on taking Shaling. We put Shaling and Patiska in Kitty City to make sure they were compatible...and they are. I believe the constant "kittyiness" here inside the rescue center is what caused these 2 girls to be cranky. They settled in nicely. We will continue to monitor this adoption for a couple weeks to make sure all are happy.

Tomorrow we will start preparing for our big surgery day on Saturday. Then, we'll be placing these kittens up for adoption and getting them in Petfinders. Lots more homes to fine, but we'll do it!

Yesterday was another full day of working on the Catathon. Things are coming along and goals are being reached. Next week, we'll turn "public" the fickr page where we are entering all the Basket and Big Ticket Items.

T-shirt and ffrc cookbook orders are still coming in. We just mailed out over 150 shirts yesterday. Another 250 shirts have already been ordered. As soon as they arrive, they will be sent out on their way too! As soon as the cookbooks arrive, we will do a mass "stuffing and mailing" and get those to you also.

Dollianna loves the clear plastic jugs to lay in! So cute to see that head of hers sticking out! Nemo is at the window watching the birds. Zelda's leg has been bothering her more lately--remember she injured it in her accident before she arrived here. Linden, Buckeye, Fayth and Faleen were running like a bunch of crazy kittens today, all chasing the same ball. This is when we really have to do the "kitten shuffle" here so we don't step on any tails or toes.

We had BOXES last night. The gratitude I have for this support is huge. I thank you.
Kimkost--1 case of Fancy Feast, 3 cases of Friskies
Michlyn--4 cases of Friskies, dog toy, treats for Einstein and donuts for the volunteers. For the Catathon: a Catopoly game
D'Ette--For the Catathon: beautiful Laurel Burch items--butterfly scarf, Purple Cat t-shirt, grey cat large t-shirt, pink sleep shirt, crossbody bag beach design, 1 light blue cat shirt, purse, indigo pin, overnight bag, 2 windchimes (1 a hummingbird, 1 a butterly). We now have a indigo blue laurel burch basket
Sonjamac--2 cases of Appetizers, 1 case of gravy sensation packets
Di, TippynTraylor and Ashley--3 bags of bubblegum for volunteers
Javajoe--For the Catathon:a book called "The World is your Litterbox" and a box of Cat-Butt magnets
Amy D--coupons For the Catathon:avon products for Mens and a pair of slippers, women misc Avon items and 2 bags of Avon items just for kids
Judeanlee--4 large pooper scoopers (tan, gray, pink and purple)
Bev M--6 cases of baby food (Bella and all say a thanks too)
Donna R/cat-toys from TX--For the Catathon: Texas Longhorn blanket, handcrafted silver bracelet with Safari animals on it, 8 boxes of 5 cat angel ornaments in each-all handmade, beautiful, cat shaped glass candle holder, a onesie and bib with Texas Longhorn theme
BradlyS from WA--for Filbert and friends--2 cases of KMR
Maria/Queenofkings--For the Catathon: 4 hand crafted wooden cat box-toys, made by her husband, with the ffrc logo in it (can put balls in it for cats to swish around)
Shelly and Val H--For the Catathon: mouse pads with the resident cats on it
Renee C--For the Catathon--Stuffed Canadian Bear For FFRC--mouse toys and balls, microfiber towel and 6 cans of friskies
Sandra E--2 cases of Friskies
Binky & Betz--For the Catathon: many Dave Mortensen Sneaker ceramic figurines (really nice), Where's Waldo book, Maze Book, BIG set of Legos
Priscilla G--4 cases of Baby Food (Putter says thanks too!)
D'Lee--2 cases of baby food (Bondi also loves this)
Colleen P--coupons for the volunteers
William B from PA--birthday card for Putter
From Flair--a card and letter (who by the way, is doing good)
Gregg G, volunteer--2 certificates for the Catathon, that is good for a ride in his Classic 1971 Pontiac Trans Am and a round of 18 holes of golf, with using a golf cart.
Andrea J--a PayPal donation for ffrc
David, Bonnie & Michael--a donation for ffrc, for Badu's care
CaSandra/hencass--a donation for ffrc, thru PayPal

We took in a new kitten. One of our volunteers, Mary E helped rescue it from inside a car motor. It's a little black/white kitten about 6 weeks old, as cute as can be. She's a female and is a real friendly little thing. Her name is Tweets. She's still in Thumper's Room but will be playing with the others soon enough.
Ida Lou
A real whisker display by Ida Lou.
Happy Birthday, Putter!