Monday, July 2, 2012

Tuesday July 2 - Remote status update from Jacci

Hi everyone its lenz (web guy) – I just had a nice talk with Jacci and she wanted me to pass along an update…

I wanted to mention to everyone that at this point Jacci can only check her email from her cell phone – with its tiny keys and power at a premium its just not practical to do that. They may not have power there till the 7th and by then the email is going to get piled up. Please be understanding if you don't get a response or refrain from emailing the center as we won't be able to even look at them till the 7th.

all is well

"As you all well know been without power since the storms that hit Ohio last Friday. Since we are in a rural area getting all the lines damaged by the storm fixed is taking a long time. Folks who want to know how we are doing have asked why we are not answering our phone. Since we don't have power we don't have phone service, nor internet access, or even air-conditioning. We do have a generator and we are using it to power our refrigerators, fans and well pump. 


We are struggling in the sweltering heat but we have had people stopping by bringing water and ice and even some watermelons for the chicken and ducks. 

Do not be alarmed, but Farrah had major seizure this morning – she fell from the top rail but fortunately Lisa was close by and  broke her fall a bit – but it was a long drop and she did hit rather hard when she landed. Normally it only takes her about 25 minutes to recover but it took her a couple of hours to recover… So we are going to up her meds to full strength.

And now some good news

The 3 newbie kittens are now down playing in thumpers room, having fun - - no names but we will be naming them soon…

ice water

McLovin' and Graciella are now in the main room playing with everyone and they are still best friends.

Bravo is still a tough little kitty running around like the wind. He has a noon appointment with the vet to tomorrow to talk about his back leg. Well Bravo won't be doing the talking but you know what I meant.

The center has received the $5000 check from winning the Animal Rescue Site  Shelter Challenge. 

Voting starts up again Monday July 9 at The Animal Rescue Site – we are eligible only for a weekly prize – but would love to have you vote for us none the less…