Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, JUly 16

I would like to say a big thank you to all for your support. That is very important to me. When we first started this Rescue Center 12 years ago with my daughter Dawn, I had no idea it would grow to be what it is today. Our goal is try and help as many kittens and cats as possible and to find them good, loving homes. When we first achieved our max occupancy of 12, we thought that that was a lot of kittens to find homes for! We prayed for finding homes and we did find those homes! But the strays, injured and homeless felines kept coming. We now work at 80-110 cats and kittens at almost any given time. And we still pray for good homes. We could not achieve what we do here without your support. From my family, to the volunteers, the webcam friends, our moderators, visitors and the facebook visitors--you ALL are a part of what we do here at FFRC. I thank you for this.

Tomorrow is Fiver's big day. Sigrid will be taking him to the vet's by 9:00 for his eye enucleation. We'll get him back tomorrow afternoon and will keep you posted on how he is doing. He's on antibiotics and soreness meds for his eye. The mama cat and 5 kittens that are in Cat's Corner Room are actually Fiver's mama and family. After Fiver's surgery we will be able to let them visit. We haven't done that yet, as one of the babies has a bit of a cold, and we need to keep Fiver healthy for his surgery.

Graciela had a bit of a cold over the weekend. We kept her in Patience's Pen, giving her a comfy bed, meds and baby food. She's much better today and demanded to be out to play! That's our sign that she's feeling good! Graciele wanted me to thank Lizmo for the get well card!

We had a visitor here on Sunday. Her name is Beth, a webcam friend, who came from Illinois. Her cam name is eaglewatcher.46. She brought some supplies for us! She has had experience with baby puppies with the same problem as Derecho. She brought a wrist wrap that fits his belly. We are using it as a ThunderShirt, to hopefully help him relax a bit and to help control some of his "wiggles" better. We have 2 webcam friends who are custom making tiny ThunderShirts for him. If this works, as he grows we have the bigger sizes too for him.

Our 2 visitors, Cheryl and Emily, who are staying in Kitty Kastle are wonderful! They have taken on the Covie cats! That group of 17 cats have been receiving major grooming. This is a great thing for the Covies. They love the attention. If you ever visit FFRC, please remind us to take you to Cat's Cove. These 17 cats are big, have wonderful personalities and love attention!

Filbert had a conversation with me today...for real! He heard thru the kitty vine that people were offended if someone called him chubby. Well, he wants everyone to know that he IS chubby, but just a bit. And that he can be grouchy, but just a bit. The main thing he wants everyone to know is.....not to worry, no arguing about him! He's perfectly happy just the way he is and he knows he's much loved. Life is good!

Bravo now weighs 1.12 pounds! He started at 1.08. When he gets to be 2 pounds, we can get his surgery done. He is right now in one of the big marshmallow poofs--he so loves these! Today is Timothy's birthday. Timothy is a Covie and is 5 years old. He's been with us since he was 1 year old.

Bel-Rea has listed FFRC has one of their chosen Top 25 Cat Bloggers of 2012! "Your informative, cat-focused posts are a great source of information about all things kitty related"! Isn't that exciting! Bel-Rea is one of the oldest American Veterinary Technician schools and was founded in 1971. Here is their site for the top 25 bloggers: We are very honored!

Many thanks to Rhonda S who sent a PayPal donation to FFRC in loving memory and friendship of Judy/Gnuby.
Also thanks to Sydney G from CA who sent a PayPal donation to FFRC.
This is our birthday boy, Timothy!
Bravo & Graciela
2 good buddies--Bravo and Graciela