Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday, July 12

A wonderful day today--cat wise and weather wise! All of them have been zipping around here this morning. Although we're suppose to have a high in the 90's today, this morning is still not too warm, so the energy level is high right now! Kooper is now out and about and acting like he's always been here. Pedra is in Cat's Corner Room, still a little shy, but much better.

The cats are now back in Cat's Cove. I do believe they were all smiling! Thanks to Sigrid, Linda T and Haley for helping to transport them back to the Cove from Kitty City. They look quite comfortable with their nice clean Cove, all clean blankies, new screen windows in and 2 great fans! We then pulled everything out of Kitty City and water blasted it clean too. Even the furniture was cleaned! All is back inside the City and rearranged, awaiting it's next "duties".

As you may know, Azar has become a Porchie. Actually he's an Office Cat/Porchie Cat. During the night, he sleeps in the Welcome Room Office and during the day, he cruises with the Porchies. Remember, he was returned for aggressive behavior. He then displayed this same behavior here inside the Rescue Room. One day, he decided he was going OUT and OUT he went. Since then, he's been super sweet. Gets along perfectly well with the Porchies and quite willingly comes back to the Office for naps and bedtime.

We took in a new little kitten yesterday. His name is Fiver (another Name that Cat from the Catathon and in honor of when we had our Fiver Friday for medical needs). He is about 8 weeks old, a long hair gold/white male. Unfortunately, during our big storm 2 weeks ago, he received an injury--a piece of glass penetrated his left eye. The glass has been removed but has caused extensive damage to his eye. He's been tested and is negative! Fiver arrived with at least a thousand fleas (no exaggerating) on him. He was very dehydrated, anemic and yet purring. He's had 2 baths already, all fleas are dead, he's eating the Fancy Feast Kitten like there's no tomorow and he's still purring! He's on antibiotics and soreness meds (for his eye). If he continues to improve, we have him scheduled for an eye enucleation for Tuesday. He will feel so much better than.

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks! Our food pantry looks so much better!
Kerswill from MI--box of Friskies Shreds
Marilyn S/maddisonpepper--assorted box of Fancy Feast Appetizers (to be shared by ALL the cats)
Aunty Fi--heatable cat bed (Derecho is sleeping on it right now)
Pat L from Kansas--2 pouches of Temptations, pillow cases, tote bag, handmade Nap Quilts, pop tas for Kellen
Laura/Medic--2 boxes of Friskies poultry and beef
Jill R--Royal Canin, 15 pounds dry kitten food
Mary R/prisotis--4 giant Clorox wipes, 2 cases of Fancy Feast, 2 cases of Kitty cans
Connie S/donnawan from Maine and Sally the cat--5 catnip toys with Dr. Pussums catnip--which is now a CHALLENGE! If you have any local or "extra good" catnip, send it in and we'll have a game of what Catnip the cats like the best!!
Patty V/middiemom from OH--KMR, 4 cases of Friskies & Nine Lives, a case of Friskies Gravy Sensations, 3 boxes of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, 300 count paper plates, 4 bottles of Dawn Dish Soap
AnnaMarie--10 packs Whiskers Licking cat treats, a case of Friskies Indoor can food, case of Friskies Pate, case of Friskies Tuna/egg and a case of Friskies gravy Sensations.
Anonymous from Amazon--Fancy Feast grilled, Friskies gravy sensations, Friskies might bits
Patricia M from IL--2 news articles, cat related from her local newspaper
Sandra E--donation thru PayPal in memory of Brandon's grandfather
Miler thinks that the tighter he curls up for a nap, the better the dreams!
This is Bondi's Pen, which she loves. The door is always open, she has her thick bed, her own food and water and steps that she can use to get her old legs to her pen!