Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday, July 7th

Yes, yesterday's blog said July 13th--just consider that my heat-pickled brain!! So sorry! Today is indeed the 7th. We've had power on now for a day and a half. I will never ever take electricity and water for granted again. Or air-conditioning. Yesterday our high was 104, today it's suppose to be 106. Then we're suppose to cool down to lower 90's. We had a bit of a scare yesterday morning when the electricity went down again. I think we were all thinking the same thing....for how long this time? But, it was for only 10 minutes. But, in that 10 minutes, the temp went up 4 degrees in the rescue center.

All is well. It'll take a bit to get back all the way to normal (whatever that is) here in the rescue center! There were several cats in distress last night in Cat's Cove--open mouth breathing, uncomfortable. We had lots of volunteers here visiting last night, so we all pitched in and did a Covie Move. We turned the a/c on in Kitty City, did some rearranging, filled up bowls with ice and water and brought all the Covies to the City until this heat lets up. This morning, they all look so much happier and more comfortable.

We have visitors for Kitty Kastle this weekend. Val S from Michigan and Janet/Janak (an FFRC moderator) from Napier, New Zealand are here. We always welcome Val who has been here several times. And we're so glad to welcome and met Janak. Very nice to have visitors! The cats are loving all the extra attention. Val even brought the 4 cats along that she adopted from here.

I talked to one of our vets last night. We are both in agreement about little Derecho, that he has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He may get a tiny bit of improvement on his "shakiness", but is not a progressive disease. Basically, how he is, is how he is. Please know that he is a happy boy, doesn't realize there's anything different about himself. Cats are awesome in their ability to continue on in life, being happy.
He and 5 other friends are still in Cat's Corner Room. In a few more days, they will be out and about.

Silas went back to his home yesterday. We were actually boarding him until his mama recovered from being ill and returned home. After much discussion with the family, I was very happy to have him return to her. Silas definitely reacted to her and I'm quite sure he's a happy boy to be with his mama again.

We have several cats on hold right now: Queenie, Daymo, Sugar Plum and Purrkins. Alphie has been cruising about freely and investigating everything. A real sweet boy. The kittens have been back to full play-mode now that it's cooler here in the rescue center. They are making up for lost play time!

We had BOXES last night! Due to the power-outage, we did open the boxes that arrived during that week we had no power. I thank you for your understanding of this. We weren't sure if anything needed to be refrigerated and some of the boxes contained items of urgent need.
Abigail C/Chai_Me--For Octavia and her merry band of thieves, a Robinhood Hat and Arrow and a Bag to carry the "loot" in. Also Gravy Sensations, Appetizers, Treats and Wellness packets.
SusanM--case of 4 large Clorox wipes
JudyL--beautiful pictures of Meggie and Alphie for their new adoptive parents
Mudjie--case of Friskies Pate, 32 cans Friskies Seafood, Bravo Bonus Bites Salmon treats, 6 Lysol wipes, 2 cases of Friskies packets
ValS--for Mariska--a get well Hoops/YoYo card and belated Hoops/YoYo Bday card for Putter
Terri B--4 cases of Fancy Feast
Anonymous--Whisker Lickins pouches
BeachKatz--Birthday cards for July kitty birthdays as well as appetizers and temptation treats for the kitties
Lynell & Mark S--coupons
Nancy S/walker conan--2 boxes Friskies gravy sensations & paw point coupons
Anonymous--case of Friskies pate
Anonymous--xlarge bonito flakes & packages of spring toys
Harley & Gizzie & Coooper--turbo scratcher, 3 catnip mouse toys, bag full of kitty toys
Anonymous--a multicolored Kookamunga Funky Fish Cat Bed
Rita-a lovely card about the loss of her Frankie Marie and the addition of LuluMarie, a newly adopted 15 year old cat into their family. Pictures of Johnny, Sparky, Cecelia and LuLu and Frankie Marie
Charlotte M/Brutus4--congrats card on successful Catathon, sardines, kitty treats, seafood can cat food & chocolate (helped us thru the power outage!)
Joanne H from AZ--3 cat dancer toys, large stuffed snake, extra large stuffed bumblebee pillow
Sandra E--2 bedding mats (1 for porchies/1 for covies), package of illuminated balls for the next adoption, turbo track, 2 large lounging bed sleepers (one is for Putter)
Jim & Kathy T--sponsorship of Emmaline in memory of Sissy and a picture of both Sissy and Cali
From Filbert with help from a friend--mouse holder and a cat scratcher
Jodiann87--big assortment of toys, lots of coil toys, Purrfectly fish packets, 6 cases of Fancy Feast, 1 case of kitten Fancy Feast and a rat toy with blinky eyes
Anonymous--2 big cans of powdered gatorade (a much used item this week)
Linda T/Icemaiden--2 cases of Friskies and 1 case of Friskies gravy sensations
Jim & Annette L from MI--stone for the Rock Garden. It says: "Garsh - I love cats". I love this!
Leggygal--4 cases of assorted Fancy Feast
Boon & Pocus--in honor of their birthdays, gave FFRC a blue Bunk Bed set for the cats and kittens!
Kristi C from PA & Max--a nice card and wonderful pictures of Max to share.
Vrs1cats & Schinn81--a postcard from their vacation of Hawaii
Anonymous--a Pet Fusion Cat Scratcher Lounger
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness sent a 9th BD card to Muffin

Starting July 9th, Monday is the beginning of the 3rd quarter of voting again for The Animal Rescue Site. Because of our past 2012 wins, we are ONLY elgible for one weekly winning in this 3rd quarter, meaning if we have the highest votes for one week, we will win $1,000, then we're done until the 4th quarter. I'd love it if we could shoot for that $1,000 win! Then, if we could help A Labor of Love (Lisa's dog rescue here in Defiance), by giving her all our votes for a week to possibly help her win $1,000, that would be awesome. Your votes are always appreciated.

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