Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday, July 19

Bravo is such a clown! He is sitting in the corner by my desk, meowing very loudly, then rushing my foot and attacking it, turns around and goes back to his corner. He's done this 5 times in a row now. Silly boy! He thinks he is so brave!

McLovin' is also here, on the other side, playing with the turbo ball track. You'd think he has 5 legs, as fast as he is. Then there is a kitty-gang of play going on by the door. There's Gib, Obadiah, Dolan and Tweets--all play fighting over a leaf that someone must've brought in yesterday from the outside enclosure. Asha is watching them like she thinks they've lost their brains! I love it when Cyrilla is interested in something--her ears go forward and her whiskers almost meet in front of her nose.

Derecho is sound asleep (and being still) sunk into the bottom of the cat's doughnut bed--he looks so comfortable. He and Graciela are very good friends. Putter and Magenta spent the night in Kitty Kastle with Emmalee and Cheryl. It's such a good experience for these cats to be able to do this. Good for the cats, good for the people.

We have names for Fiver's mama and siblings. This litter is going to be known as the Fiver sibs. I think that would be nice. Mama (dilute calico) is Betony. Female, all grey is Efrafa. Male, grey/brown is Avens. Male, grey/white feet is Frith. Male, all light beige is Campion. Male, beige/white is Butterbur. Betony and kittens are all long hair. So sweet, very playful. While Fiver was named Fiver in recognition of our wonderful Friday Fiver and for a Name that Cat, this family is named after the book Watership Down which had a Fiver as a character in the book. So, now, they have names!

One of our moderators, Bubbles has been very sick and in the hospital. If you'd like to send a get well card to her, please send it to the Rescue Center, with Bubbles written on the outside of the envelope. Next week I will pack them up and send them to her. Thanks!

FYI--we have moderators for our webcam and for our FFRC facebook chatters page. Their "job" is not an easy one. They try to balance thousands of people and keep everyone happy. Please give them a nod of thanks and encouragement! These people help me keep my sanity! I also depend on them to help try and keep the cam chat and the fb page peaceful. They're wonderful people who give their time and dedication to FFRC.

Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long at my desk. I really do know the answer to that. For every 4 words I type, usually 2 have to be fixed. You see, the desk is the hot spot playground while I'm trying to accomplish some work. Right now, Emaline, Zelda, Cypress, Ginseng and Frogger are playing tag on the desk with my paper piles and my fingers. Oh, what difficult working conditions I must endure! Would I change it? Nope, not a thing!

We had BOXES last night. So much fun and so many gifts. Thank you--iit's great to get the food pantry restocked!
Cheryl & Emmalee (our Kitty Kastle visitors)--lots of can food, treats for the cats and kittens
Amy D from PA--coupons
Diane P from TX--a card and donation
Jeannine S from NY--a card and donation
Hettie from PA--a card and a donation
Gloria C from GA--card and donation in memory of our Twinkle
Missy MJ, TemyKitty12 & Kristy Marie--card and tea bags
Cathy L from MI--donation
Paul_68 (UK) & Kazz-72 (Australia) a card and a bouquet of beautiful flowers in memory of Fiver
Christy H--4 large Clorox Wipes
Billie K--case of Friskies Meaty Bits
AbbyTabbysMama/Cheryl G from TN--1 case of Medleys, 2 cases of Purrfectly Fish, 2 bags of kitty treats, 2 cases of Fancy Feast Classics, 2 cases of Whiskas
D'Lee--Vita Gravy, 3 bags of Dry Friskies Indoor Delights, case of Friskies indoor can
Siggy from FL--Iams Dry Adult food, bag of Fancy Feast dry, 2 cases of Fancy Feast canned, Friskies case of can, litter
Paul_M--kitty cuddle pal (a warmer), Cat & Mouse Peek & Play, dog Chewy treats, squeaker mat, a cool bear rug, turbo track, laser lights, mouse chaser toy--hopefully
Bravo and Derecho will be able to play with these toys
Billie K from TX--fancy feast gourmet, fancy feast medleys (2 cases), fancy feast grilled, fancy feast with cheddar chicken
Lil from NJ/golilgo--2 bags of Purina One, 9 cases of Kitty treats--a big variety, 3 boxes of Raisen Bran (for Jacci,instead of sardines for breakfast!!)
Norma F from Puerto Rico--2 cases of Lysol wipes, 2 cases of Whiskas Purrfectly chicken, case of Friskies Pate
Penny from OH--a great card--top 10 things to be thankful for,catnip for catnip challenge!, 2 collars, 2 goy packages, taffy for volunteers, snackers for the kitties, slippers (floor sweepers), Whiskas Medley, case of Friskies Fillets, purple rug,dry erase message board poster (top of the list it'll say Pet the Cats!!
Shiny, sleek Hannah
Big, handsome Alphie