Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday, July 22

Okay--who left the catnip out all night? Something obviously had to have happened, as the kittens have been bonkers this morning. Every where you look, kittens are in high gear and bouncing off the walls. The adults are also participating in their shinanigans. Good luck to all the volunteers today with these overzealous felines, as Steve and I are going away for the day! Yes, I'm actually leaving for a while, for a fun day!

Tomorrow, Monday is promising to be a very busy day here. There should be quite a few visitors off and on all day. We also probably have a minimum of 3 adoptions for tomorrow. Today is also another important day. The feral kittens and cat that we have been helping with (for Jane, in Lima) are going to their new home today. These are FERAL kittens/cat--not tame in the least little bit. They'll be going to a barn, complete with a tack room where they will stay while getting use to their new home. After a week or so, the tack room door will be opened to allow them full access to the barn. This will be a great place (they are wanted!) for them to live and will be cared for, while respecting their wildness.

All is fine here. This blog will be short so I have time to get things together for my half day off! Remember, if you have not received your Catathon order, please don't hesitate to let me know by e-mail. Our goal is to get every order correct! Yesterday when we retrieved the cats from their outdoor enclosure, I believe there was no less than 30 of them out there--they so love this porch.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks for your support.
Ruth D from NC--a print of flat cats, entitled "cat thermometer" for the rescue center
Carmel D from France--card and cat sticker book for our friend Hannah
D'Lee--CatSure for oldsters, cartons of CatSip (for kittens & friends), Weruva Cats pouch food
Caren F and Molly & Ralph from CA--4 giant bags of Temptation Treats & a letter from Ralph & Molly
Paul_M--panic mouse cat toy for Bravo and Derecho and a Turbo ball toy
Sir Filbert Moss (wow--what a smart boy!)--4 cans of Tiki food, with a requeest for Jacci, Connie, Sigrid and Judy S to do a hula dance (which we did do at midnight with black hula hoops, with the lights off!!!)
Beth A--2 cases of Baby food, Royal Canin and an awesome photo album
Sandra E--4 catnip bananas, 4 cat dancers (for the 2 different barn cat sets, Porchies and Covies), case of Friskies and case of Fancy Feast kitten
Lillian & her cats Elvis, Oreo, Xena, Baby & Max from IL--birthday card for Cutie & token, card for Paddy Cakes and token, screen shots of Fiver and Graciela
Lovebugs321--card and a donation for FFRC
Emily H from MI--donation for FFRC
Allen C from UT--donation for FFRC
Julie C from MA--card and a gift card for Magenta's special treats and 3 sheets of postage stamps
Many thanks for helping this rescue center.