Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday, July 17

Sheriff Putter is on patrol. He sat looking up at Patience's Pen last night for the longest time. It took me a minute to figure out what he was staring at. Then it hit me--the FFRC sign above the pen. He zeroed right in on it. The sign says: BE NICE OR GO AWAY. I asked him, what that was for, was he worried? This is what he said: "ALL the cats, the kittens, and all the people should be friends. No fussing at each other, no snitching food from one another, no picking at each other. We should be sharing purrs and good comments between people and cats. Hurtful hisses, smacks with the paws and harsh words is NOT the way to be nice."

And then he got this look in his eye--a gleam of hope.

I just waited to see what was coming next. He is a magical, magnificent cat. His next thoughts were: "There are so many people involved with FFRC and so many kitties and cats that are part of FFRC. But, just because there are so many personalities, doesn't mean we can't be kind, considerate and peaceful to one another, be it a cat or a person." And just as he is speaking, a kitten started chirping away at him, complaining about another kitten. Putter put up his paw and said--"and there should be no talking like that about other kittens, you whippersnapper. We ALL have faults, you must learn to love each other, be tolerant and appreciate one another".

I saw "the look" again--you all know that famous Putter Stare. He had one more thought for me: "These kittens and our human friends should also be aware of how important each and every soul is to us. Time is short. I should think it's easier to love one another, to be understanding of each other and to be patient with one another than it is to be harsh with one another. These are decisions we EACH make for ourselves. I vote and wish all to be peaceful. It's a joyous world!" And with that, he gave that little kitten a big lick. And then he pointed his chin at the sign again. Putter has spoken.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you for what you do for FFRC.
Michelle/catcruzer and Daddy the cat--potty bags, volunteer treats, dog treats, Einstein treats, 3 sponge packs, baby wipes, 2 cat dancers, Mr. Clean 9 pack, Bounce sheets, St. Martin Animal Rescue shirt for Jacci, 4 anti-=bacterial soaps, Bic pen/pencil pack, blanket for Jonah & Honey, cat wheel toy for Roland. All the barnyard, Porchies, Covies got a variety of treats and toys! It's gonna be fun out there for them today with these treats!
Cheryl/catwomangates, Emmalee and Michelle/catcruzer--Keurig for Kitty Kastle and variety of coffee and tees. Small basket for Jacci with Love BUgs, cat nicnac, stickers and movie gift card!
Cheryl's mom and dad--a donation for FFRC
TippyNTraylor--donation of an FFRC t-shirt for the person who adopts Graciella and a t-shirt for the next 2 people who adopt a cat
Michelle L and Vincent B--4 books to be shared with volunteers
Lynn LurkerLynn--white wash clothes, kitty treats, blue rug and 2 cases of baby food
Paul M--cat exercise double track ball toy for Bravo and Derecho
Weasley, Dhana, Sampson & Delilah--case of Feast Medley, 2 cases of kitten fancy feast, cat treats
LeggyGal--case of Fancy Feast, variety pack
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guiness--birthday cards for Jonah, Soyboy and Timothy (Hoops & YoYo made another appearance!)
Daniel P--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Conii, Madissyn & Elliott--Tiki cat food--the note was not included in the delivery, so I'd like to share it: "We're so glad you survived the power outage. Please know you were in our thoughts and prayers and missed immensely!!" Thanks, Conii and kitties.

To all our supporters:
Thank you for caring.
Thank you for supporting us.
Thank you for your encouragement.
Thank you for trusting and believing in us.