Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday, July 26

Queenie was first in line when Donna came today--she got a 10 minute head and neck rub! She thoroughly enjoyed it. Bravo is here on the desk with me--he insists on being ON the desk. So, just in case he goes over the edge, I have the marshmallow poofs surrounding the desk! He is so independent--wants to do things HIS way. Earlier today, he decided he was going to get up to the first tier of beds on one of the cat furniture pieces. He succeeded. Just think of his upper arm strength!

Derecho is so cute. He spends his night time in June's Room, so he has easy access to the little litterboxes. In the morning, when we open the door, he's ready--out he comes and he's so excited to be with us! His very good friend Graciela spends the night with him to keep him company.

Bella ate her whole jar of baby food this morning--paw by paw licks. Her favorite thing to do. Cutie also ate a good breakfast. We've been making sure that she gets her very own breakfast plate and also offer her food several times during the day. She is now back to her weight, before she started losing it. She looks good. Asha is sleeping next to me, with her paw over Purrgeron's neck.

Update on the House Calls. We were to be their "zoom in/zoom out" rescue for their hour show on Tuesday night at 7 to 8 pm. The spokesperson called yesterday and said they had breaking news so were unable to do their regular show. We are now scheduled for this next Tuesday, the 31st from 7 to 8 pm. We'll just do it again!

Our new Cat-Go-Round Wheel is on it's way. Remember the one that was auctioned off for the Catathon? The gracious winner has donated it back to FFRC! What a wonderful thing as we will take the present wheel and put it in Cat's Cove. We'll spend a little time helping them get the hang of it, then watch them have fun!

Kooper is an awesome kitten--he's everyone's friend. He's also a very good friend of Ginseng's. They love to tussel. It's especially fun to watch both of them in one of the clear jugs, playing together! Filbert is on the window ledge, watching the early morning birds at the feeders. He's a great chirper cat.

Jaina is sleeping here in the office--taking a nap on the floor with THREE catnip toys under her tummy. I watched her--she deliberately moved them together before she laid down. Yep, it happened, Bravo tumbled over the edge of the desk before I could grab him--down he went into the poof. No problem though--he's just looking around like he planned it. Mercy and Purrby are on the poof already checking it out--they want to know how he did that!

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you all. YOU are appreciated!
D'Lee--case of Friskies Filets, Fancy Feast case & case of Friskies Gravy Sensations
Paul_M--pompom toys, mouse/Kong toys and a Kong kickeroo & a catnip squirrel
Aunty Fi--2 rolls of Hello Kitty tape (!), 3 Yeowww catnip sardines
Sharon T/seagirl--2 cases of Indoor canned food formula
Susan M/daydreamz2--80 count coffee cups and lids
The Bubbas--Purina coupon books with LOTS of great coupons, treats for the Covies and the Porchies which they will love, Bonito flakes, Fancy Feast Appetizers, Fancy Feast Morning cans.
Kelly R in CA--Harry & David Fruit of the Month (cherries, and oh, are they good!)
Deb11111--5 big boxes of Bounce fabric sheets
Kimkost--3 big containers of HE Tide laundry soap, and Bounce fabric sheets
Bianca D/TokTuB-organic Coconut Oil for Emaline and any others that may need it for skin problems
Beth A--kitty cuddle Pal and a grooming mit
ZBMoss (with help from Aunty Bantry)--seems that Zelda Belda girl talked Bantry into helping her send a lovely card to her "mama" Jacci (which of course, I loved!)
Margieann C/Dale4lyfe and Tiffany C/tiffanyRae424--a card with thoughts of Fiver (and a donation for Fiver) and appreciation
Nancy L/luv4cats from WI--coupons
Lillian/zenamolina and kitties Elvis, Oreo, Max, Baby and Xena--birthday card for Paddy Purr & 2 tokens
Darilyn ?
Sleepy Darilyn