Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, July 30

Happy birthday to the Paddys tomorrow! Paddy Purr and Paddy Cake will be 2. It's hard to believe-they still seem like kittens to me! They arrived here with their mama on July 31, on the day they were born. They had a difficult "kittenhood" and was so sick so many times when they were little. Their mama had no milk, so these 2 were bottlefed, but had the comfort of their real mama. They are permanent residents of FFRC. Join us tomorrow for birthday cake (for humans) and special ice cream (for the cats)--compliments of a webcam friend!! We'll show you all the cake on the cam!

We had 3 adoptions yesterday! Fayth was adopted by a couple where a friend of our's grandpa wanted a special friend. We gave him baby food, which Fayth loves, to seal that bond! Our Mercy and Floria were adopted together, by a local family. Two great homes for 3 wonderful kittens!

We also have 3 other kittens on hold--Sizzle (who will leave next weekend, with a probably friend!). Kooper and Pedra are also on hold. Val will be adopting Pedra soon, after her spay is done (probably week after next). Janak/Janet from New Zealand will be adopting Kooper but he will be staying with Val. So, Kooper will have 2 moms! They will be skyping between Val and Janet's house!

Pam and Rich are here clear from Colorado. They arrived yesterday afternoon and will be leaving tomorrow morning, with Queenie with them. They have had Queenie on hold for a few months. Queenie loves them and was rubbing all over them!

Nikkaross is here, staying at Kitty Kastle and taking lots of pictures. I know she will be happy to share them with our Flickr page for all to see.

Saturday was a very busy day here. That was our surgery day! All recovered beautifully and were playing already that night. The boys were: Tiki, Raymond, Raymondo, Frogger, Sizzle, Weber, Kooper, Everett, Give, Frith (and a umbilical hernia repair), Campion, Butterbur, Cassidy and Sundance. The girls were: Canton, Shirley, Goodness, Fayth, Betony, Efrafa, Faleen, Faleena, Floria, Mariska and Tweets. Avens has to wait as he had a tiny cold.

Derecho had a physical on Saturday. Dr. Darci thought he looked great and was very impressed with how well he does and how happy he is. She also had another look at Bravo. We will schedule his surgery for the middle of August. Filbert had his ears checked and we will increase his ear medication. Emaline became a total wreck overnight. Her skin issues have escalated dramatically. We are trying an increased medication recommendation from Dr. Darci and will give this 6 weeks to work. We have to realize that this is a life-issue for Emi, but we will continue to do what is necessary to keep her comfortable and happy.

We are featured on the front page of Ustream! Wow! I told the kittens and cats to get to the sink and wipe their faces, brush their teeth and get themselves groomed so they look extra terrific for ustream! They of course, complied!!

I'm so grateful for people who have made or are making special things to help Derecho. These "holders" on him, not only help to "settle" him, but make it safer for us to hold him--sometimes he accidently pops out of our hands. Also thanks to people who have donated items for Bravo and Derecho to have fun for their playtime.

We had boxes Friday night! So many thanks are given for this.
Conii--a very nice card and a box full of treats for the volunteers! Conii also sent a box for Derecho. She had some special tummy holders made for his size.
Paul_M--cat bed for Derecho (has an edge on it to help steady him)
Susan G/Susan345--4 packs of 3 Yeowww catnip bananas. These are shared with Covies, Porchies, Barnies and the rescue center.
Jennifer W/jwill667--cookie snacks for volunteers and coffee cups/lids
Bradley S from WA--4 large bottles of Tide HE
Henry R Peeps & Ohmygoodness--Birthday card for Zelda Belda girl
Susan TC--donation and card for FFRC
Cathy D from CA--card in memory of Fiver
Ruth D from NC--PayPal donation, in memory of Fiver
Gusti from Germany--donation to FFRC to resupply our soda, juice, G2 drinks and water, especially for the surgery day
Joyce D--donation to FFRC for pizza for the surgery day
Constance N from ME--PayPal donation for FFRC

We have heard from the families that recently adopted Sugar Plum, Martha Ann, Daymo and Durell--all are doing fine and are happy!

Just would like to mention that we have so thoroughly enjoyed each and every person that comes for visits--whether they are here as day-visitors or for those that stay either at a hotel or in Kitty Kastle. We have had many visitors stay in Kitty Kastle now, as it's been available for 4 months now! I've heard it mentioned that Kitty Kastle has at times been "not left in a very clean condition". I would personally like to mention that everyone has been extremely respectful of Kitty Kastle and has always left it in excellent condition at the end of their stay. We love having these visitors and will continue to offer Kitty Kastle as our guesthouse. If you are interested in visiting, please let me know so we can check reservations!

The new cat, Canton is a real people-lover. So sweet, loves to be petted and is quick to purr. It's obvious she's been an outside cat, as she keeps going to the door and windows, but we're working on convincing her that indoor life is way safer. The 2 new brothers, Sundance and Cassidy are doing good and are now out and about in the main area. Cassidy is gold and white while Sundance is all gold. Nice boys!
There's those beautiful gold eyes of FiFi's.
Purrdue enjoying the outdoor enclosure.