Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weds., July 11

We have names for the 2 new kittens! The grey swirl tiger is Kooper, a name from the Name the Cat from the Catathon event. The grey torti is Pedra--made from the name of the person who rescued her. They are now both in Patience's Pen where they can see all the action of the Rescue Center. Kooper is a real play-boy--loves people and the toys. Pedra is shy so we are holding her a lot. Val spent time yesterday holding her a lot, to let her know that people are ok. Amy D., a webcam friend, told me that Pedra means rock in Portuguese--a very good name for a tough little girl. She's the kitten that had to have the button surgery when she was tossed from a car.

The door is open now to Cat's Corner Room. Tiki, Talulah and Tabitha are now out and about. This is also the room that Derecho has been staying in. We will not be able to just let him loose yet in the main area unsupervised. We will probably get the playpen back out again so that he can be safe in there, yet the kittens and cats can get in to play with him. Conii, a webcam friend, ordered a xxxsmall Thundershirt for Derecho. We received it yesterday and yet, it is still too big. He needs to grow some. We have found that if we gently put our hands on him, that his shakiness is much less. Thanks to Conii for supplying this Thundershirt. We understand that it may be a bit sad to see Derecho in all his shakiness. But, please know, that HE doesn't consider himself different. This is how he's been his whole short life. There's a chance that the tremors may recede a bit, and maybe not. But, we do know that they will not progress. So....we choose to celebrate his life and not feel sorry (or at least not too much!) for him! He purrs, he eats by himself, he loves to play, he's a happy boy! That's the beauty of being a cat--they don't feel sorry for themselves! They just go ahead and figure out HOW to do something that may be difficult.

I have been overwhelmed lately with the support given to FFRC. The Catathon was AWESOME (a tad over $39,000 raised). During our week of power outage, we were taken care of by so many people who brought us generators, ice, water, support, fans and prayers. The friendships we have made with visitors is wonderful. The support of the volunteers is the best--truly a unique group of giving and caring people. The webcam viewers, as they say to me, always have my back and FFRC's concerns in their hearts. We are surrounded by loving, gracious people and I thank YOU all for that.

It's cooler here today--only to get to 90's! We will open the window and little door to the outdoor enclosure again. Today is also a big move day here this morning, for the Cat's Cove cats. The Covies had to come up to Kitty City during the brutal heat, to stay cooler as there were several in distress. We now have the 2 fans that Jatcat donated for the Cove in place, on the wall. Paul has cut sections out of the wood walls and put in wire to bring in more of the breezes. The cats will LOVE this as it gives them even more viewing options! This morning, the Covies return to their spring, summer and fall home.
Diane cooling off with all her little dolly kitty friends! Happpy Birthday, Diane!
One of our oldsters, Magentta.