Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday, July 8th

What a wonderful Saturday we had! People here to visit, our Kitty Kastle guests (Val S and Janak), electricity and water, BOXES, the health of the cats and kittens and wonderful volunteers and viewers--what more could we ask for?! Another thing to be thankful for: another webcam viewer is here for a visit--cgr from Lima. One of our moderators, LovemyPetz, brought her here!

Buckeye is running around with a peacock feather in his mouth and he is NOT going to share it. The problem is, the peacock feather is long and so the kittens chase after the feather as Buckeye runs with it. Buckeye keeps running, trying to stay away from the kittens so he can have it all to himself. What a circus!

The pictures that I showed of MAX the other night that Kristi sent in, was indeed Maximillion, He has gotten huge! He looks very happy and healthy! Even after the electricity went out, we were still sending out packages and envelopes from the Catathon. If you have not received your items by a reasonable amount of time, please contact me by e-mail ( We still have about 10 packages to go out yet.

Remember, tomorrow starts the voting again at The Animal Rescue Site. We can win ONE WEEKLY award. Let's do it!! Then for the second week, we could vote for A Labor of Love Dog Rescue!

We had a few BOXES last night--always a fun thing and so appreciated.
Filbert and friend sent 12 rolls of two inch tape.
Anonymous Friend sent 2 cases of Fancy Feast (one is the new Morning Medleys that Putter loves!)
Mudjie/Mary--six cases of baby food
Janak/Janet--10 bags of cat treats, case of appetizers, a case of Fancy Feast, case of Gravy Sensations, 2 cases of Friskies and a big box of Sardines in oil!

McLovin's sutures on his shoulder were removed this morning. His wire and button that has been on his lip/chin were also removed. Both areas look awesome and healthy.

At 11:00 a.m. today, we have a surprise 1st birthday cake for Preakness. Come join the fun! The Cat's Cove cats (temporarily in Kitty City) are doing so much better now. We will keep them in Kitty City until we feel it's safe and cool enough to move them back to their summer quarters. We are today putting in 3 more screened in windows in the Cove so there will be more air flow.

I realize that there's been a bit of tension during this week of no electricity. But, we're back on, all is fine! I understand that it's been hard all the way around, even on the chat and FFRC's chatter's facebook. Let's all pull together again and get on the same page--we're here for the CATS AND KITTENS! That's one of the purposes of the Rescue Center--to share the love of felines! If there are any hard feelings, etc., please, let's put those aside and enjoy the friendships that are here at the rescue center for you and enjoy our cats! Thank you.