Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday, July 24

I do believe these kittens grew wings over night--I'm talking about having flying kittens here. They are ALL just crazy--running, bouncing off walls, super charged. I can't keep track of how many have "flown" by me this morning already!

Yesterday, we had an adoption. Durell went to his new home where they have lots of love to give him. He sat in his pet carrier as sweet and calm as he could while he was going out the door.

We had many visitors yesterday from several different states. We truly enjoy having people visit the cats. It's a good thing to make new friends.
We had BOXES last night and items brought in from our visitors!
Kerswill & Amber & Nutmeg from MI--stickers, pillowcases, Bounce sheets, stationery, treats (Octavia proof?), manila envelopes, Appetizers, packets of Wellness food, little packets of blank paper, binder clips, 36 count case of Fancy Feast, a cat krinkle tunnel and a donation made in memory of Fiver and Gnuby.
Paul_M--zaney mice toys and a cat bed with raised edges for Drecho
Ann P and Kikkocat from PA--Hoops & YoYo ornament for Jacci, 6 packs of Whisker Lickins cat treats & a picture of her cat Kikko
D'Lee--case of Whisker Lickins Treats, case of Delights food with Cheddar, case of Halo can food & a case of Friskies Senior diet
Judeanlee--fish shaped scratcher big toy, 4 cat dancer toys, case of Fancy Fest baby food, case of Appetizers, 4 packs of the spring coil toys
Pg M--a bag of assorted cat toys
Anonymous--4 Zaney Mice
Beth A--2 Zoom Groom/brushes
Mary T from MI--card and a donation, in memory of her cat
Patty F from MO--card and a donation
Edith B from MI--letter and a donation
Boon (an FFRC cat,it's his 1st birthday)and Mary & Ron--a case of Friskies, a case of Packets, cat treats and a green wood rocking bed! Happy Birthday, Boon
Emily & Josh (visitors here from Texas)--2 cases of Friskies, 2 bags of Purina One Kitten, hand sanitizers, q-tips, cat treats and a catnip ball
Anonymous--visitor, carpet samples, rugs, paper plates, tape, copy paper, post it notes, paper towels, 3 binders
Lynn S & Lois & Ray S--PT, can food, homemade chocolate chip cookies, whiska packets, cat treats, coffee cups, Keurig coffee, paper plates, clorox wipes, sardines, rugs, towels, volunteer treats

Lynn S is our visitor that will be adopting Sugar Plum and Daymo today. Her parents will be adopting Martha Ann! They live in Tennessee and will be heading back today. Three awesome cats going into great homes.

The grandgirls were here yesterday--the four of them played with the kittens and cats. Grace, Kendra, Kellen and Kerstyn love to entertain the kittens and to feed them baby food. Good for kids, good for cats.

The tentative surgery list is made. We have 14 females and 14 males. It's very possible though that Tabitha, Talulah and Tiki won't make weight for Saturday, July 28th. This will be a very busy morning for us. Once they are done, I'll get them into PetFinders.

Zavatar--the cat with the endless tummy pit!
Tweet & Dolan
Tweet and Dolan