Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday, July 20

It's cooler this morning--a mini break from the heat. The cats and kittens love it--puts their energy level into high gear. That little Ginseng is one of the nicest all around kittens--such a love, but super ornery. And the size of his feet--I'll bet he's going to be a big cat when he's grown. Sizzle is here on the desk today, watching me and yawning. Won't be long before naptime comes. McLovin' is peeking over the windowsill, out to the front enclosure. There's some sparrows at the bird feeders he's watching.

We are once again working on Emaline--her skin condition has erupted in the last 24 hours. Again we go full force on it. I so wish we could relieve her permanently of this problem. She'll be having another consulation with the vet next Saturday. You might have noticed that we were having trouble with Teller also. He had some skin issues as well (unrelated to anything like Emaline's). But, I'm thrilled to say that with daily care, he is almost all the way healed!

Little Talulah is creeping up to my toes, which I have to wiggle for her! She's on a great Toe-Hunt. She and her 2 sibs Tiki and Tabitha are such nice kittens. Daymo is laying in the big purple poof, with his head hanging clear over and touching the floor. But, not to worry, Obadiah is laying across his belly sleeping, so Daymo is in no harm of falling out! That's team work.

Our next big event is Sept. 22, a Saturday. It's our Catstock! It will be a combination of a carninal in the afternoon and a concert in the evening. Mike Chamberlain will be coming clear from California to do this! We are super excited. He'll be coming in on Friday, 9/21 and will give a mini-concert to the webcam friends and to anyone that is here. We will have a BIG tent, porta pots (decorated again, of course!), lots of action. We welcome all our webcam friends to come, if possible. Our Putter is going to be the star of one of his songs, with Putter there in-person, I mean in-cat, on the stage! If you are interested in spending the weekend here in Defiance and need to make hotel reservations, here are the numbers to our local 4 hotels and to a wonderful Bed and Breakfast.
Elliot Rose Guest House--419-956-9979 Check them out at

Hotels: Hampton Inn 419-784-1515
Comfort Inn 419-784-4900
Holiday Inn Express 419-784-0782
Super 8 419-782-8000

We had BOXES last night. Everything we receive, we appreciate!
Christyh447--Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Temptation snackers, White Out correction tape
Kathy C from Utah--2 giant jars of Bonito flakes--to be shared by all the cats
Tom M from MA--Friskies Tuscany Medleys
D'Lee--4 packets of Vita Gravy
Kelly/westerncool-- Kong Crinkle Fish with feathers toys (Derecho loves them!)
Betty F from Ohio and Mitty, Tinker & Shasha--letter and a donation to get something for Timothy's birthday! We also got to see a picture of Betty's cat Mitty who has gone to the Rainbow Bridge
Kaye S--donation to FFRC in memory of Judy/Gnuby
Elizabeth F--donation to FFRC, in memory of FIver
Janet K from NY--donation to FFRC, in memory of Fiver, for Derecho and Bravo
Nicola M from Scotland--a donation to FFRC for supplies

The Covies are all doing well. They love having their 2 fans--they're up on the wall and put off a lot of moving air. Plus, Paul had cut out some of the walls and put in this great wire that leaves lots of air-flow in. And the scenery they can look at--lots more farmyard to watch over. They love their Cat's Cove.

The Porchies are also doing great. They too have a new fan--it's on the wall and it moves a lot of air on their sunporch. They have welcomed Azar into their group with open paws. Azar still comes in at night and sleeps in the Welcome Room Office.

We got a call from a representative from the Animal Planet. There is a show called Animal House Calls on Tuesdays, 7:00 pm. They found our kitty cam and asked if they could zoom in on our rescue center each time they head into commercials! So, of course, we said "Sure!". It will be this coming Tuesday, 7/24. They said that this will then be on their website if anyone wants to see it (starting on 7/25). Their site is Click on videos, then click on Animal House Calls.
Cypress eyeing the feathers--a great toy!
Hard playing results in wonderful naps.