Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday, July 31

Help! Rescue me from Ginseng! I'm kidding, really! He's such a love and a velcro boy. He has the ability to sit on the floor and leap onto my back, in one smooth motion! He also loves to lay on the floor in front of the shop vac nozzle and let you push him around on the floor. What a boy!

We have surgery dates made. Pedra will go on August 7th for her spay. Her mama Val will come that day to hold her and comfort her after her surgery. Then she will stay overnight so we can make sure that Pedra is ready to travel the next day, to her new home. Of course, Kooper will also be going with them. Janak, his new mama, will "visit" him thru Val.

We have the surgery date for Bravo. It's August 15--2 weeks away. I weighed him yesterday and he is up to 2.05. He's a growing boy! He just came in the office a bit ago, and I called him in that voice he likes and gets so excited about. He comes scooting across to me as fast as he could. What a smile he brings to our faces to see him so happy!

Derecho has been here in the office three times, then he goes back to the main area and here he comes again, back to the office! He's so wobbly, but a very very determined kitty.

Asha is watching the birds outside--she's such a contented cat. She so loves to be groomed and to give head butts. I showed her picture last night on the cam, of when she first arrived. It's hard to believe it's the same cat. I also showed the pictures of when Putter first arrived--so sad. I remember thinking that night that he may not survive. But, what a magnificent boy he is now!

Today is Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr's birthday! They are now two. Tomorrow is Badu and Hank's birthday! So...today we will have a birthday cake for us humans and the cats will have their pet-friendly ice cream! We will show the cake at 10 am, our time.

Our visitors, Pam and Rich will be leaving today to head back to Colorado with Queenie with them! I've also heard from the family that adopted Mercy and Floria and they love them! All is good.

We had BOXES last night! I am ever so grateful for the support.
Sonja/sonjamac--2 cases of Friskies Sensations and a case of Whisker Lickins Treats
Diane & Missa--a beautiful card, bed pads that she made, rugs for Cat's Cove and a wonderful memory foam mattress for when Bravo is recovering from his surgery
Hannah and her mom Jennifer--a card, 2 bags of temptation treats, and a beautiful soft rug
Susan/Schinn86 and her cats Cleo and Ralph--For Badu, a birthday card and a donation to FFRC, cat toy, cosmic catnip toys, Gravy Sensations, 4 bags of teats and a turbo tracker scratcher refill
Jo from AZ--Giraffe Print Crinkle Tunnel
Paul_68--a gift for Hannah, cinnamon color bumper bed for Derecho
Becca--hand made knitted sweater for Derecho--it's beautiful and will fit him!
Patty F from Missouri--a very nice letter
Selkie & Blue and Misty too--a thank you note and photos of her cats on their blankies from the Catathon
Jeanette & Furr Haven babies--card of sympathy of Fiver, a donation for Fiver fun and a donation for medical costs for FFRC. Jeanette also wrote a most beautiful letter about Fiver and FFRC--I deeply appreciate this.
Conii and her cats Madissyn & Elliott--a kitty holster for Derecho, 2 packages of Salmon cat treats, Yeowww shark/lemon/tomato toys, several extra awesome comfy beds, a harness for Derecho for stability, letter from Madissyn & Elliott and a bumper pad bed for Derecho
Auntie Bantry--3 can nip sardine toys
Nikka--birthday card for Badu and a birthday card for the Paddy boys
Carol O from CA--coupons
Paddy Cakes
Paddy Cake 2 years old now
Paddy Purr
Paddy Purr 2 years old now
Ginseng, the ornery boy!