Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday, July 14th

We had an especially busy morning yesterday. The mama (long hair dilute calico) and the 5 kittens (4 boys & 1 girl, all long hair) were moved to June's Room already to give them more room to play. This cat and kittens are Fiver's mama and siblings. We have a bit of an upper respiratory infection to take care of with mama and kittens before Fiver can visit them. We want to get Fiver as healthy as possible for his surgery on Tuesday.

We then moved the 4 wild kittens (3 blacks/1 black/white) to Kitty City to be with the wild black adult cat. They definitely recognized each other! They are all eating good, but hide when we go in to feed or scoop. We are respecting their distance for them to be comfortable. We have a farm for them now to go to, but we have some vet work yet to have done on them before that.

Each and every time we empty Thumper's Room out, it has to be scrubbed and reset up for the next round of cats. One of the top ways to help control the passing of viruses is to clean, clean, clean!

Sugar Plum is here in the office with me--she loves the kittens and is so good with them. Queenie is playing--seems like she's always in play mode--what a great cat. Martha Ann is playing with Gib who is playing with Mercy. They are all in constant play mode!

The Porchies are doing great and they have welcomed Azar completely into their group. Azar still comes into the Welcome Room Office for naps and night time, but he's very good outside and shows no aggression still. This was a good decision for Azar--to say it's ok for him to be a Porchie.

We have visitors in Kitty Kastle--Cheryl and her daughter Emily. They will be here until next Friday. While here, Cheryl and Emily will do daily groomings on the Cat's Cove cats and get all of them beautiful and handsome!

We had BOXES last night! It's wonderful to have our food pantry replenished.
Norma F/mmiralia from Puerto Rico--postcard from PR
Joanne H from AZ--card to Sheriff Putter
Weasley, Dhana, Samson & Delilah (and a little help from their mama)--2 packages of Temptation treats
SophieandLucy'sDad from MI--coupons
PeggyK/bamagirl from AL--donation to help with Bravo's surgery and 2 sheets of stamps
Betz--card for Cutie and snackers
Kerswill from MI--2 cases of Fancy Feast & 1 case of Friskies Fillets
JillR27--1 bag of Bonito flakes, 2 cases of Friskies & 2 cases of Kitten Fancy Feast
Lewbeth from MA--a donation to FFRC, in memory of Link, her sister's cat
Conii G--6 cases of various Tiki Food
AbbyTabbysMama from TN--2 cases of Purrfectly Fish
AcctConnect from CT--5 cases of baby food
Becca/runbeccarun from WA--A donation to FFRC, in memory of Gnuby/Judy
Tamar B from FL--A donation to FFRC, in memory Gnuby/Judy
Jean & Neil S from OH--A donation to FFRC, to help give Derecho & Bravo a future
Robinson's Gallery from TX--A donation to FFRC
PSW--A donation to FFRC, in memory of Judy-a dear, brave lady

Thanks to Yonatan from Isreal for running off a copy of different countries that viewed FFRC's webcam during the first week of July. The countries were: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Australia, Finland, Hong Kong, France, Serbia, Brazil, Venezuela, Israel, Spain, Korea, Philippines, Norway. We can truly say we have friends from all over the world!

One of our webcam moderators is in the hospital. It's Bubbles/Cynthia, also known as the SoapLady. After talking to her husband, he thought she would love to receive some get-well cards. If you'd like to send her one, please send it to FFRC with Bubbles or Cynthia's name on the envelope. We'll give it a week, then box them up and send them to her home.

Good news! You all know those click-on ads that are on our kittycam? Those clicks bring us money. We will soon receive a deposit for $902.10 from AdSense for the month of June. That is terrific. I appreciate those clicks!

Please remember to vote at The Animal Rescue Site. This 3rd quarter continues until 9/16. Thank you. Remember to click on the link that gives free food to shelters.

Almost all of the items have now been sent out for the Catathon, except for recent orders. If you have not received yours, please let me know thru the FFRC's e-mail.
Yum, yum! Those volunteers make good food!
Bella loves this self-groomer--feels so good!