Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday, July 27

It is so humid outside that it's foggy and the stones look like they've been rained on. What a hot, humid summer we've had. Even with the heat, we try to open the flapdoor or window to the cat's outdoor enclosure daily. They love to go out. It's only a 6 foot wide by 12 foot long enclosure, but has lots of shelves and places to lounge at. Yesterday I checked on them and there were 27 cats there! Our volunteer Gregg and his friend Max built this a few years ago.

Pedra continues to get better each day. We will hold on her spay for tomorrow though, as we would prefer she be in tip-top condition for her surgery. We'll get it scheduled very soon at the vet's office since we probably won't have a big surgery day now until first of September here at FFRC. We will also reweigh the T kittens--Tiki, Talulah and Tabitha and see if they make weight for tomorrow. If not, we'll hold on them as well.

Many thanks to Gusti and Joyce D for covering our drinks, snacks and pizza lunch for tomorrow's busy day! We very much appreciate this.

We had an adoption! Actually it was several days ago, but I was waiting to pass on this bit of good news until I heard from the family that adoted him. It's Alphie!! This family had wanted a long hair, male and a nice boy (aren't they all?!). At first they were thinking of Filbert. I told them about Alphie, and his couple potty accidents he had. I firmly believe this was due to stress as he had never had a problem before. They agreed to try him! Their phone call last night was that he's a keeper!

We also took in another adult cat. A webcam friend, LoveMyPetz, found a calico cat that needed some help. After looking at the Name that Cat list from the Catathon, her name shall be Canton! She's a very sweet, very purrable young adult calico.

Putter has been spending a lot of time inside the house. If he goes to the door wanting in, we let him in. If he goes to the door wanting back into the rescue center, we let him out. He has a certain meow that means he wants a snacker. He also loves to lick up my cereal milk! I heard talk that Ada Jane would like to come in too, but I don't think I have enough rugs on the floor for her!!

Right now, we have a black mound of moving fur on the floor--Faleen, Faleena, Raymond and Raymondo. They are playing a hard game of "let's see who is the toughest". That Zavatar is quite a boy. He is a food hound and LOVES to be wherever food is being prepared at. It appears that Octavia has indeed taught him the cabinet trick--get in, grab a packet of food. The problem is this: Octavia comes right out with it, but Zavatar thinks he can open and eat his packet while on top of a layer of cans. Good thing he's cute!

Paddy Cake and Farrah have something in common. They both love those plastic spring toys and will carry them around with their front teeth, meowing their heads off. They each have a certain meow that goes along with this.

Here's very interesting news: About a year ago, we had a bit less than 1 million views on our ustream kittycam. Today we have 3,551,778 views! Wow--pretty cool!

We had a few envelopes last night! Many many thanks.
AuntyFi--rainbow catnip toy for Derecho
Pat L from KS--coupons
Michlynn--Birthday card for the Paddys and a donation for treats for the Paddys
Ruthanne D/Twiggysmom--donation for medical expenses in memory of Fiver
Karen E--coupons and Chief receipts
John & Mary from OR--donation for FFRC
Nicola M from Scotland--a PayPal donation to FFRC, for supplies
Joseph L from United Kingdom--a PayPal donation to FFRC
Fabio wins the Biggest Yawn Contest
Paddy Cakes
Paddy Cakes wins the Biggest Eyes Contest