Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weds., July 25

The flying kitties continue. There must be catnip in the air. Obadiah, Floria and Tweets are having a wrestling match--not sure who is winning, but they're going at it full force--running, wrestling, running, plowing into one another. I just walked around the corner and was met by 4 kittens running full speed ahead right at me. They didn't even slow down. Then I looked down the hallway and Weber and Linden was climbing up and down the yellow tower--so fast I thought they surely would fall. In the midst of all this craziness, is Derecho. He's gone from the middle of the work area to the front office all by himself, 3 times. There's a feather here in the office he keeps coming back to. And Bravo...what can I say, but he loves my toes. He goes to the door, chirps, runs and "attacks" my toes and goes back to the door, just to do over again. Would I change anything? Absolutely not!

We did not have boxes last night, but we WILL have boxes tonight. We did have an extra fun time on the floor with the cats and kittens. Animal Planet had called last week and wanted to zoom in and out of FFRC, thru our cam, during commercial time for their Canadian show Animal House Calls. So, we made sure the kittens were front and center. I'm told, if you'd like to view this, you can go to Click on video, go to Animal House Calls.

Yesterday we had 3 adoptions! Our sweet Sugar Plum and Daymo left with Lynn S and her parents who adopted Martha Ann. Lynn called last night and said they were safely home in Tennessee and that all 3 cats did great on their 7 hour trip. Then on Thursday, her parents will continue home (with Martha Ann) to New Jersey. These were awesome adoptions!

FYI--all inquiries about adoptions don't always end up with adoptions here at FFRC. Lots of questions are asked (about litterboxes, kids/cats/dogs in the house, financial means to care for a cat, etc.) Also vet references are checked. We believe fully that any other cats or dogs that are in a house wanting to adopt, all need to be neutered/spayed. This is our way of making a stand that we fully believe in spaying and neutering. Good, loving, indoor homes are top of my list--that is our goal here at FFRC.

By now, all the orders have been sent out in regards to t-shirts, calendars, cookbooks, catathon orders, etc. If you did not receive your items or received incorrect ones, we want to know! Our aim is to get every order correct. Please e-mail me and let me know.

Farm update: all the farmyard cats are doing great and just received their monthly flea prevention. The Covies got a day of visiting the farmyard--they love to run, roll in the dirt and catch bugs. We try to do this 1-2 times a week for them. By the way--remember the 6 little chicklets that we showed on the cam when they were just a week or so old? They are now teenagers...and we've discovered that 5 out of the 6 are roosters. Lots of crowing going on down on the farmyard!

Pedra is feeling better. Many of you may know, she had picked up a virus. She is doing pretty good, still on antibiotics. She's eating good and playing a lot in Patience's Pen. She's getting lots of TLC which she is enjoying. Putter is doing awesome--he loves to take naps on the bathroom rug and the couch. Emaline's skin problems are resolving once again. Farrah is taking her meds--we have to be tricky at night and not let her know it's "pill time". No further seizures.
Purrby--lounging on the Outdoor Enclosure