Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday, July 21

Little Floria is here on the desk with me this morning. She has succeeded in pushing 7 pieces of paper onto the floor. I tell her that those papers are important things, but she just looks at me and purrs. Then I have to deal with Badu on my desk--yes, big big Badu. She not only covers up all the paperwork, but she loves to tear paper up. If I don't keep her supplied with jumk paper, she'll start tearing up the important papers. Oh well, it keeps life interesting.

We will have BOXES tonight! There's some very interesting ones already here from yesterday. Daymo, Miler and Tweets are clawing at the boxes and have succeeded in pulling some of the paper out already.

Mariska is one toughie. I really believe there is nothing that she couldn't do. I've never seen a 3-legged so agile. She can zip up and down the climbing poles so very fast. Derecho and Bravo came inside the house again yesterday, while several of us were visiting. Bravo was weighed yesterday--he's up to 1.15 pounds. He's growing and so is Derecho. Graciela continues to be a big girl in a little kitty body--she thinks she's a 10 pound cat!

I know there's a lot of confusion about the voting for The Animal Rescue Site. The letter that Petfinder sent me says: "This year, you are not eligible to win the Grand Prize (which we won last quarter) more than once. This round, you will still be eligible to win a regional prize, weekly prize, or a Projects for Paws grant, so keep the votes coming in".
Per The Animal Rescue Site's rules:
Did you change the rules for the STATE and REGIONAL prizes in 2012?
Yes, new in 2012, no group can win two regional prizes in a row in 2012, i.e. a group could win a STATE prize or other regional prizes in Round 1 and Round 3 of voting or Round 2 and Round 4 of voting, but not in Round 1 and Round 2 or Round 3 and Round 4. These restrictions only apply to regional prizes such as STATE, CANADA or INTERNATIONAL. They do not apply to WEEKLY prizes (a group can win up to four weekly prizes or one per voting round in 2012). This rule does not go into effect until Round 2, so anyone can win any prize in Round 1 of 2012 Challenge.
*** So....basically what that means is FFRC can win a WEEKLY prize (this happens when an organization gets the most votes for a particular week--it runs Sunday to Sunday).
***If FFRC should win a WEEKLY prize, and if A Labor of Love Dog Rescue comes in second in the STATE (at the end of 3rd quarter which is Sept 16th), then ALOL wins the $1,000 State prize.
***This is my goal for FFRC--I will be putting my votes for FFRC, hoping to win the weekly most votes. Then, I will shift my votes to ALOL, hoping for this organization to win the State.
Hope this all makes sense to everyone. The bottom line is, vote for what you want to do! And remember to "Do the Free Click" for providing food for shelters!

As of this moment, I believe, we have all the orders out for cookbooks, t-shirts and items from the Catathon. More went out yesterday and a few more things will be mailed on Monday. If you have not received your item(s), please let me know by e-mail ( and I will check into it. Our goal is to have all orders received and accurate.

I just watched Bravo hoist his body up and over a 3 inch lip to go thru the cat-door to the outdoor enclosure. He is building much upper body strength! I just counted and there are 32 cats and kittens in the outdoor enclosure. There happens to be a few moths flying around--it's a free for all. I don't believe the cats will capture their prize though!

Emaline just spent 45 minutes doing a stare down to Bella. Bella is in a basket that Emaline would like. We told Emi that Bella wasn't ready to give the basket up yet, so we gave her a different one. Now, Emi is napping side by side, 2 baskets together!

Durell--this is one sweetie kitty. Loves people!
Octavia--probably in planning mode for her next thievery job.