Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday, July 13th

No bad luck here today--it's just another cat day here at the Rescue Center. We have been super busy. You all know we took in Fiver Weds. evening. He's the little kitten that had a major load of fleas and an eye that had the glass injury to it. He's doing great. That little eye "popped" last night, from infection and swelling, but he's still doing fine. He actually probably feels better and it looks better. His surgery for removal of this "dead eye" is on Tuesday.

Here's the big news. The lady who rescued Fiver from a neighbor, also went and collected the rest of the litter and the mama. These are super sweet kitties. The mama is also a purr girl--so loves to have a hand on her. Of course, all had major flea overload and each required 2 baths. The fleas are gone and will never be a worry again for this litter. They all have a mild URI--upper respiratory infection--but are on antibiotics. They've been tested and are negative. They are thin, but good food will help with that.

We also took in 4 kittens and 1 cat for a fellow rescurer. She is trying to get 3 more of these kittens to bring today. These kittens and cat are feral--have been living in a woods, under poor conditions. We will spay/neuter, test, vaccinate, worm, etc. and then find a good, no, a great farm to put them on where they will never have to worry about their next meal again. This is already in "the works" for finding them a farm home.

We had an adoption yesterday! Our Purrkins went to his new home. He went to a family that came last week and fell in love with him. They had another cat at home that needed to have his annual check up and vaccinations before Purrkins could go with them. This will be a great home for Purrkins.

We have quite a few visitors that will be here at the Rescue Center and staying at Kitty Kastle during the summer. We very much enjoy having people come and stay. It's a joy for us and fun for the visitors. I am so happy to have Kitty Kastle for this purpose. It's a win/win deal. Kitty Kastle has been well received and enjoyed.

Bravo has gained some weight. He is now at 1 pound 11 ounces! He's a good little eater now. Farrah continues to be on her full dose of PB pills for her seizures. We will monitor her for another 2 months since changing the dose. If at that time, all is well, she will again go up for adoption. Jaina is doing awesome--showing no signs at all of her cardio-myopathy.

Martha Ann is one of the sweetest kittens ever. She just melts in your arms. She and Fayth have been playing a lot together lately. Another group of extra loving kittens are Raymond, Raymondo, Faleen, Faleena and Floria--they just purr and purr for people.

I would like to extend a special sympathy to the friends and family of Judy/Gnuby. She passed away last night with her beloved dog beside her. We took in Judy's 2 cats --Meggie and Alphie. Meggie has already been adopted and Alphie got an extra hug this morning, for Judy. I remember when Judy was here, she made it clear that death did not scare her, she knew where she was going.

We had BOXES last night! Thank you ever so much for your generosity.
Paul_68 from UK--Greenies for dogs & Kitties, many different kinds of cat treats (already tried some--they love them!)
Cheryl--a new BIG clock for the webcammers to see--it has a black background and won't give such a glare as the white clock gave.
Gitte/Aunty Catnip from Denmark--3 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers, all different flavors, one of which was Tuna for Cutie's favorite for her birthday
Henry R Peeps & O My Guinness--a really cute Birthday card for Cutie
Judy L from Walbridge, OH who visited yesterday--clorox wipes, Paper towels, pop tabs for Kellen and lots of Fancy Feast cans
Cheryl G from TN--in honor of her Emma Lou's 10th birthday--a gift to FFRC thru PayPal
Mary K from PA--a PayPal donation to help with Fiver's surgery (or maybe shin guards to protect our legs from Graciella & Ginseng) Loved this!
Sally H from WI--a PayPal donation to help with a case of Friskies
Gusti from Germany--a PayPal donation "Happy Birthday, dear Cutie"

Phone bank
These are the volunteer phone people for the Catathon--took a huge amount of phone calls!P6240008
Getting set up and practicing for the first round of baskets for the Catathon.