Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weds., July 18

Yesterday was a heavy hearted day for us here at FFRC. Fiver went to the vets for his eye surgery. I talked to the vets before his surgery and all was well. He passed his physical with flying colors. But, we lost him after the surgery was done. Our vet herself is also heartbroken over this. The surgery to remove that bad eye went just fine. It was during recovery that he passed. Two of the vets was there with him but his heart just stopped. One second here, one second gone.

I passed this news on the cam mid afternoon. My heart was totally broke. People will tell me sometimes that they cannot get another pet because of the heartbreak of losing them. But, the alternative is to NOT have them. By us having our dear little Fiver here, he was pain-free, flea-free, but most importantly, he was so loved and he knew it. His life had changed these last 2 weeks.

I thought that when I went on the cam to tell everyone about this loss, that I was composed enough to talk to you. But, when I began, I started to cry again. The reason is because I KNEW you were also attached to him and that this would bring heartache to all of our webcam friends. It brought home to me even more, that even though you webcammers are "out there", that you sincerely love our kitties and cats and that you care what happens here in this rescue center. For this, I am deeply grateful.

I received an e-mail with a few thoughts I'd like to share: That when we love a cat on the cam, we also love it for you cammers. Fiver's horrendous introduction to life was incomprehensible, but he managed to garner the strength and bravery to survive it. Fiver, a tiny, beautiful souled kitten, may have lived a short life, but his memory will live forever in the hearts of many around the world. He was and his spirit is, an inspiration to us all.

Yes, our hearts are broken with this loss and with every single loss that we have at the Rescue Center. It's okay to grieve, okay to talk to one another about a loss, it's okay to be sad. But, this will also pull us together, as the love of these cats is strong. Our hearts will heal, As a result, the process instinctually shifts the energy of our day to day living a little more proportionately toward our priorities and what we value most and brings a new or reenergized focus to the forefront. Life is short and still shorter for others, so we need to be fully aware of the kindness that can be given NOW. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

When something we love is gone, it seems like our emotions are magnified and they almost explode with reminiscing thoughts of those most memorable moments shared. It is then that we recognize a little more intensely the wealth of unconditional love and pure joy experienced with that loved one. Appreciation and gratitude for those experiences comes in abundance and floods our souls with light and goodness. It reminds us that we should not take anything for granted or wait for tomorrow.

We grieve the loss, but will forever cherish and hold dear the life and time we shared with them. Cats are awesome--they live in the moment of today--let's make each of these moments for the cats here at FFRC filled with love, fun times and a team-work of caring amongst our people friends.

Fiver also gave us a gift. In addition to the love he gave, because of him we were able to rescue his mama and 5 siblings, also in poor condition. It won't be long until they are out of their room. Actually, mama already has been cruising about.

On to our other cats! Bravo and Derecho spent a lot of time in the house with me yesterday. They both did great--playing, going room to room--yes, both of them! They give such joy. Putter still loves to go inside for his nap on the couch.

We have several cats and kittens on hold--most will be leaving in the next couple weeks. Remember, we have a big spay/neuter day on July 28th, Saturday. As I'm typing, I have Faleen on one shoulder and Ginseng on the other shoulder! Life is good! Emaline is also here in the office, giving licks to Floria and Fayth. I just looked at Raymond and over he fell--for a big belly rub!

That Farrah has a new trick. When she sees me get her night time meds, off she goes! She's fast, but I'm faster (sometimes!). It's becoming a game for her and me, and I win....most of the time! I think she is enjoying it.

Asha is doing great. She is the biggest head-butter cat we have here! Just always remember, don't put chap-stick on before you pick her up--you'll end up with a mouth of fur! Alphie is doing good. He ate a real good breakfast today. I told him about his mama, Judy.

We will have BOXES tonight, since I did not do them last night. We did receive a few PayPals that I would like to acknowledge.
Cheryl/AbbyTabbysMama from TN--a donation to FFRC in memory of Fiver.
Mary/Mudjie from TX--a donation to FFRC in memory of FIver
Renee C--a donation to FFRC in memory of Fiver
Jennifer M from TX--a donation to FFRC, for whatever need we have
Chris U--a donation to FFRC in memory of Fiver
Guess the tail! Yes, it belongs to Macallan--he likes to sleep in a little "divit" on the shelf, always with his tail hanging over.
Martha Ann
Martha Ann, always the love bug