Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday, April 12

Today is special--it's a first birthday to Pania, our sweet siamese girl. It's also my daughter Caryn's birthday. Happy birthday to both! Pania already received extra sardines/ Wonder if Caryn wants some!!

We have names!
White mama--Ruth Ann (also can be called Ruthie)
White kitten, female--Sara
White kitten, male--Rachet
Torti, female--Karena

Tiny black/white, male (fostered by Ruth Ann)--Eb

3 kittens, same litter:
Marble, A.S.H., female--Jannuka
Black, male--Arden
Torti, female--Keesha

Muted Calico mama--Kitty Q
Buff/white, female--Pumpkin
Muted calico, female--Ginger

Mama-to-be, tiger/calico--Catsparella

All the above are doing great. Catsparella's injured paw and other bite wounds are doing much better. She and Kitty Q are both on antibiotics. Catsparella has been moved to June's Room already. We'd love to have her be use to the actions of the Rescue Center before those kittens are born. She doesn't have much time left though before those kittens will be born. Eb is doing great--we are no longer supplementing him--he's fully nursing on Ruth Ann now. Her kittens skin issues are quickly healing.

Heaven is also doing good. She's eating well, cruising about sometimes, although she does sleep alot. For a cat that's between 15-20, she's doing awesome. Jack too is doing wonderful. He absolutely LOVES playing in the water bowls. He'll sit there and paw every drop out and watch it run then. It makes a bit of a mess, but we don't care--as long as he's enjoying it, we will enjoy it! He even jumped from the washer onto the counter by the sink today to get to the drippy faucet. He's not thirsty--just likes to play in the water!

Tonight, at 6 pm sharp--see you on the webcam for the start of our next 24 hour afghan auction sale!

Please help us! Our voting percent went down. We were last week at .20% above the second place organization. We are now .16% ahead. We want to win this event....very much so. We've been in first place since day one, but we still have 16 days left. Please, don't get tired of voting--we need you. Ask your friends again--don't forget to vote for FFRC. Put it again on your facebook--please vote for FFRC. Put it anywhere you can think of. But, please always ask them to check us out first on the cam, so they know who we are and what we stand for. I KNOW we can do this.

We had BOXES last night. You all have such generous hearts and beings. I am grateful for your support that comes in many ways--boxes, envelopes, good wishes, clicks on the ustream ads, voting clicks, prayers, moral support--it comes in many ways and we are very thankful.
Beth A/eaglewatcher--box of mailer envelopes
Linda C from Scotland--kitty card with notes. Her mum knitted and crocheted many items for our use: white baby afghan, pink baby afghan, white sweater & hat for baby, white & brown sweater/hat for baby, pull over child's sweater beige, red scarf and then to add to this--a bag of pink and white marshmallows for the volunteers! Beautiful work
Linda/mls9690 from PA--7 more Big Cat plates--these are awesome (to sell, auction, catathon--whatever!)
Butterfly class in Belguim--a letter, two AWESOME pictures made by students, framed in the colors of the new Butterfly Room. One way you look at the pics, it's a butterfly, another way , it looks like a Caterpillar. Also kitty masks, made by the students, 2 packages of kitty snackers for Derecho & friends.
Kathy, Unique & Jocelyn--a Purr for the Cure kitty statue, with pink feathers, for Heaven
Louise D/Issylou from TX--kitty get well card for "under the weathers cats and kittens and Jimmy)
Terri W from CA--donation for ffrc
Jean H & Cheryl M--card and note with prayers for Heaven
Kikicat--special photo cards made for Goodness, Meow, Cozarelii and Pania, each with a poem
Norm & Luanne--donation in memory of Luanne's sister, Francis D
Sherry and David--donation for FFRC (special thanks to you, David!!)
Vinnie T & Family from OH--letter and the Willard Times Junction Newspaper for Willard!

If/when I make errors on this blog, please feel free to e-mail me. I have almost used all of the "sponsored names"--if I have not used yours, please e-mail me and remind me! Thank you.

The furnace guys were here yesterday--the heat ducks/vents are all in now. Dion was also here and put in all the windows. More work to be done today!

Spring has sprung...finally! Robins are everywhere. Grass is turning green, buds are on some of the trees and a few of the spring flowers are blooming. It's a beautiful time of the year. Please, though, let's keep the spring kittens that are being born, to a minimum. There are not enough homes! Please, spay and neuter. If each person that reads this, can help spay/neuter a cat "out there", it would save a lot of lives. Do something, today, this week, to help with the overpopulation problem. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for any help we can get on this.

Our guests, Becky and Blanche made it home safely. Our new guests, Cheryl and Emmalee are now here until next Saturday.

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Happy Birthday to Pania!
Pania by FoFRCphoto