Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday, April 4

The beautiful afghans have been showed a few times. The afghan raffle will start Friday at 6 pm. Thanks to Wendi for these 2 beautiful afghans. 

For the Day Sale, Saturday at 9:00 am, we have the following items:
Recycled tote bags (Caity made)--$10
Leggy/Dew & Angie too blankies--$10
Coasters, weaved (made by Connie/warped)-$10
Cookbooks, vol. 1-$12
T-shirts (FFRC's "leftovers")-$12, limited sizes
Keyfabs (Cyndi N made)-3 piece $15   2 piece $10
Paper back book (same as last time)-$15
Kitty plastic bag holders (Doris made)-$30 (only 2)
Collector plates-$30 (only 2)
Glass garden designs (made by Joni)-$35 (4 for now)
pillowcases (made by coloreagle), 1 set of 2, cross stitched-$15
All prices will include shipping! 

Today is the BIG construction day. Lots happening. I'll take the cam over periodically to show you! 

Gallant continues to do great! Snappy and Sprint just met in mid-air and wrapped their paws around each other and landed like that, got up and took off running! Such energy--it's wonderful! Jack is really doing good. He spent his first night out of his room last night. Linden was seen in the Kabana Room, laying, yes laying, on top of the palm tree. Cats were frequently lined up on the window ledge yesterday, watching out the windows.

We had BOXES last night! We're a bunch of grateful people and cats here!
Phil&CLeo for Amy--2 boxes of Keurig coffees and 2 boxes of Reeses miniatures for FFRC, case of Taste of the Wild can food and 2 bags of Royal Canin Kitten dry
Arden&Charmaine--case of Friskies beef and Gravy
Sillysticks--butterfly card with note and 3,000 fresh step paw points!
Ron & Chris T/Swankitty and Hannah their dog--card with a note & coupon, wall decals and good thoughts for Gallant!
Kikimycat--HE Arm & Hammer laundry soap and a big bag of Purina One dry food
EllenN/furkitty & Pat/Cathouze and kitty Tori--letter from Tori, bookmark with running kitties, lots of toys for kitties, playcube, 2 bath towels, pack of AA batteries, bag of Iams kitten, 4 Quillows for Auction or Catathon (1 for Jacci)  These Quillows are really neat items
Susan B/missmic from WV--thank you card from ALL the kitties/cats, card to volunteers, LOTS of toys, 2 rugs, bag of volunteer tokens and a box of magnets for the adoption bags, snackers for the kitties & 2 big rat toys!
Lillian/zenamolina from IL and her kitties and pup--Easter card for all and another card for the volunteers
Joyce D from CA--easter card with note and gift card
Cheri/thecheribrown & Booger and Pretty Girl--card with note, donation for Feliz Navidad fund, BD popup card!
Tom & Gillian from UK--picture of Gillian's chicken and a BD card and a great ink pen with name and FFRC on it!
Sigrid--card for Volunteers (we're all glad that you're back, Sigrid!)
Jean (a Guest in Kitty Kastle)--Da Bird toy, mylar balls, kitty snackers, mouse laser light, 6" plates, 2 towels, box of 13 gal trash bags & 3 packages of kitty wipes
Cheryl (a Guest in Kitty Kastle)--2 kitty snackers, 2 dog snackers, 2 bags of Friskies dry adult food
Judy K (friend/cousin of Jean/Cheryl)--bird seed and a donation
Both Cheryl & Jean brought cookies, Dwn soap, carpet samples and carrots/apples for horses & goats
Nadine C/eclectraPA--an e-gift card from Lowe's!
Andrea W from PA--a donation to FFRC for "Heaven sent"
Renee C--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Happy Birthday To Cozarelii! He is now 2 years old. Such a love he is. Loves to lay his head on a shoulder to be calmed and petted. Glad you're with us, Cozarelii! In the office, the woodie-"kitties" are playing. It's Linden, Cypress, Buckeye and Spruce. It's nice to see how these four hang out together. Last night County and Dahnay spent the night in Kitty Kastle. 

As soon as the weather warms up a bit, we'll be water blasting Cat's Cove and making it all clean and ready for the Covies to return to their spring/summer/fall home. Won't be much longer now!

This came to me by e-mail and I really like it:   Before you speak.....
T   Is for True
H   Is for Helpful
I    Is for Inspiring
N  Is for Necessary
K  Is for Kind         This seems like a good thing to go by!