Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday, April 21

Babies, babies, babies! We have babies everywhere and every single one of them is so precious. Catsparella had her kittens early this morning. About 12:15 a.m. she had the first one, then 2 more fairly quickly. She then decided to wait for a couple hours, and had 2 very close together, a short wait and 2 more. Finally....she was done. She's been resting all day today. The weights of the kittens are 3 ounces and 3.5 ounces. They all look good and all nursing. We have 4 boys and 3 girls.
Kiko        orange/white, white face, male
Kenco      orange/white, long white stripe up nose, male
Archer     orange tiger, male
Patches    black/white white stripe left front leg, male 
Sammie    brown tiger, female
Fiona       brown tiger/ white tip toes ASH, female
Meg         brown tiger/white ASH, 4 legs white, female

We also have names now for the 6 short hair kittens that Kitty Q has taken on. Kitty Q's two kittens are Ginger, multed calico, female and Pumpkin, beige/white, female. Their foster sibs are:
Caliboo     slate grey, male
Calidora    grey tiger, female
Bixley       dark tiger, male
Bix            dark tiger, male
Jemison     black, female
Remison    black, male

Then we have the five long hair kittens, who are presenting running around in the Kitty Campus Room, causing havoc!
Abbott      black tiger, male
Abner       lighter black tiger, male
Temba      brown tiger with little torti behind ears, female
Navi          brown tiger/torti, female
Zsa Zsa     grey (ALH), female   

Lots of new names to remember and lots of kittens to get to know! Ruthie Ann and her seven kittens are also doing very well. Eb is growing quickly and I believe he thinks he's already grown up! He's so brave. 

Happy Birthday yesterday to Nance, one of our orangie kittens that was adopted to our volunteer, Dawn. Nance sent a whole bag of cat snackers to help celebrate her first birthday!

Our Day Sale went wonderful yesterday. I am so so thankful for the support you all showed. We have already started bagging and boxing things up and will get the majority of things mailed out the beginning of the week. Thanks to everyone who made this possible--the people who donated the items, the people who bought the items, the moderators for running an awesome chat room and to Angie, Amy and Dawn for helping here at the rescue center with the sale. Steve and Bill started organizing the mailings before we were even done! I realize that not everything is perfect--never can be, but we try to get it right. Some things are out of our control, such as the internet and ustream. Thanks for understanding and making it a great sale morning!

Derecho, looking pretty spiffy!