Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday, April 5

Wow--we went from a flat slab of concrete to a building yesterday! Amazing what a team of people can do. It was a joy to watch the building go up. The walls are in place, the tresses up, the window blocks, the doorways, part of the shingles. Today they will be back and put in the doors, insulate wrap the building and finish the roof shingles. The windows aren't in yet, so they'll be put in next week. Projected finish date: end of May. Will be done so we can have full use for the Catathon!

Next week we start working full force on the Catathon. I'll give you an idea of what the basket ideas are then. And for those that are new--we'll fill you in as to what the Catathon is! I can tell you this though--it's fun! The date is June 23, a Sunday. It's on the webcam. It's very similar to a telethon.

Derecho is sound asleep on a big bed right beside me--he looks so calm and peaceful. Cozarelii is on the cat furniture right beside the desk, also napping quietly. Dahnay is on my lap! I love that. Every once in a while, she starts her famous licking! 

This morning we had an Advisory Board Meeting. Lots to discuss and go over, including the Catathon. Also this morning, Gallant and Heaven will make her way to the vet's office again. I believe they'll be quite pleased with Gallant. I really think he's enjoying these trips. I always feel that he is very proud of himself for making us all so happy! He's quite a cat! Heaven will have a few skin punches taken to do a biopsy of her facial tissue. This will be done under a sedative. Many people who have already met her, feels such a connection to her. I believe this is because she not only takes all the love she can get from us, but she has a way of giving it back in her actions to us. Sure has brought on a lot of smiles!

Tomorrow is the Day Sale. Should be fun, fast and enjoyable! I'm looking forward to it. The mods will help guide the chat. During each section of the sales, please post ONLY if purchasing something, until that section is over. Also wait for me, a volunteer or a mod to give the THUMBS UP that the sale section begins. We try to please everyone. There will be a designated mod that will take on all PM's. Please use only this particular mod, as the others will have their own "jobs". Payments can be made thru PayPal, check or money order sent to FFRC. Every so often, we will stop the sale, go over what has already been sold, so it's known as a "for sure" to the people who purchased the certain items. When you put up on the chat that you want a particular items, a MOD will put in CAPS for me to see, who and what item is wanted.  You'll get the hang of it. It's easy and fun. We do this type of fundraiser, to give lots of people an opportunity to participate, to help us clean out our inventory and to help with our financial needs. Also, we'd like to get things more organized for when we move into the new Mail Room! See you tomorrow at 9 am FFRC time!

Tonight is the next afghan auction too. Starts at 6 pm sharp and ends 6 pm sharp on Saturday. You can bid on the FFRC chatters facebook page. If you are not on this page, can also ask a friend to bid for you. Thanks to Wendi for both of these lovely afghans. 

Today is a special day. It's the birthday of our woodie kitties. These boys are now 1 year old. They were scared little kitties when they arrived. They each individually love pets, scratches, but not big on being held. Spruce and Linden are a bit better at being held. We so would love a home(s) for them. They're good cats! 

Many thanks to:
Lynda S from MN--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Joyce C from MO--a donation to help with Heaven's care
Carmela H from TX--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Lawrence G--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Pushkins and Pushkiss are sure a lot of fun. They race around like crazy, up a piece of furniture, down to another climbing area. They are friends with everyone! Preakness loves to race with them. Those 3 kittens, Snappy, Sprint and Whisk are so much fun. Busy, busy, busy kitties! 

Snappy and Static playing their games.  They appreciate your VOTES too!  
Snappy & Static